IMPACT Annv Spl: Television is here to stay

Monica Tata, GM - Entertainment Networks, South Asia, Turner International India, writes about seven reasons why television scores over other media.

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Updated: Dec 23, 2011 7:59 AM
IMPACT Annv Spl: Television is here to stay

It is almost impossible to imagine a world without television. In India, the most popular medium of entertainment is still television with around 92 per cent of the population (according to a Deloitte survey) rating it as the preferred medium across all age groups. Let’s have a look at why TV scores hands down over all other mediums.

TV is THE mass medium: As it cuts across all demographics and psychographics. Television transcends religion, caste, sex, even education status and is enjoyed by all alike. In fact, TV not only entertains but has the power to educate one too! In a country like India, with poor literacy rates, television has time and again proven to a big catalyst to spread awareness, right knowledge and generate momentum on issues. It is truly a mass medium.

TV is engagement like no other: It is seeing, it is hearing... TV indulges the maximum number of human senses like no other medium does. Imagine a tense cricket match between India and Pakistan without a TV! The audio-visual character of television makes it a magic medium which allows us to watch the world from our living rooms. This powerful visual nature helps television to create vivid impressions in our minds, which, in turn, leads to emotional involvement. Television creates the most effective visual memory.

TV is the most cost-effective entertainment medium: Whether the economy is up or down, people want to be entertained. The 24x7 delivery inside our homes of all kinds of content handpicked from our neighbourhood and from all around the world makes TV the most convenient and cost-effective mode of entertainment. Recession or no recession, television is here to stay.

It is the window to the world: Whilst for netizens the world just became smaller, it still does not reach the smallest common denominator, whereas TV has achieved this very successfully. The ‘live’ nature of television brings instant information to us from different worlds, cultures and far off places we cannot hope to travel in a lifetime. This has created a strong bond between TV and the viewer like no other medium.

TV gives 100 per cent freedom of choice: Freedom of speech has been in our country for a while now, but TV is the only medium that gives an audience complete freedom of choice. Thanks to the remote, each consumer has the full power to choose what they want to watch. From stadium action to cooking in kitchens, TV has something for everyone. Given this variety, today’s consumer is indeed spoilt for choice.

Technology enhances TV experience: Technology very beautifully has complemented television and the viewers’ entertainment experience while with many other mediums, technology is still a force fit!

Technology has made television content multi-platform, 100 per cent user-friendly and on the go. A far cry from the times when a consumer had to sit in front of the television set at a stipulated time to watch a particular programme. Today, consumers decide when, how and where to view television content. With each technology evolution, the TV experience gets better!

It’s the cheapest nanny for kids: Given the gamut of informative and kid-friendly channels available today, parents can easily and safely leave their kids to watch television. From experience, I can say that today’s parents make television work for them as a great friend and nanny not just to engage kids, but also aid their learning curve.

(Monica Tata, GM - Entertainment Networks, South Asia, Turner International India.)

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