Did the nation get its answers from Mr. Modi?

Paritosh Sharma, Founder, hashtaag.com, recounts reasons why he believes Modi is the right man for the job

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Published: May 10, 2014 12:18 PM  | 4 min read
Did the nation get its answers from Mr. Modi?

I am a common man. I represent the burgeoning youth of the nation. I have aspirations and I work hard to make things happen. The closest I have been to the government is being a visiting faculty to IIS probationers of the government of India.

I have duly voted in every election since I turned 18. But the elections of 2014 have been different.

This time I am aware. I am informed. And I have actively taken part in spending my time to know about the people I am voting for.

So, finally I caught up with the much talked about interview last night on YouTube. Arnab Goswami and Narendra Modi in the same room. It was nothing short of a blockbuster.

In fact for the first time this morning, I played the interview in the car while driving to work with my wife and father. I don't particularly discuss politics with family, as I’ve always felt it’s a waste of time.

These points impacted me to the extent that I believe, my vote has gone to the correct representative (out of the available choices).
1. Modi's well articulated answers
2. After seeing the interview thrice over, the emotion which overrode my senses was that of confidence
3. Modi's answer to the question on foreign policy was brilliant. I don't have biased views, but it’s logical. If we build a nation which is strong internally, our relationships with the world around will align accordingly
4. Modi's clear approach on 'including everyone' to make things happen
5. A very strong answer to why the defense secretary in India has to host press conferences and announce actions. Obama did not do it.
6. A strong comment when he suggested, he sure would have taken a strong stand to one of his party representatives using communal strikes in a speech. But he does not have to announce that to the media
7. Brilliant examples on 'institutionalizing' everything
8. He did not run away from questions on Adani and gave 'factual' answers
9. The fact that he mentioned 'how political parties behave during the elections' is different from how the nation is run
10. That he used the word 'maturity' which is required to run a nation. Running a nation is not politics
11. How he used a possibly negative expression by Arnab and suggested the positive version of it

"I watched the interview thrice over to ensure that I don't end up writing anything which is biased or in a fit of a biased emotion clouding my senses/ mind"

I assessed matters which affect India, logically and mapped them back to Modi's answers.

There are a lot many issues out there still to be addressed. But after seeing Mr. Gandhi, Mr. Kejriwal and Mr. Modi, I am convinced Mr. Modi is the only sensible choice for India.

I am a risk taker, an entrepreneur, I have failed multiple times over and gotten back to building life further, full steam ahead. I don't have an issue if a chaiwaala runs my nation if he's standing up to the opportunity.

My expectations:
I am not taking everything by completely being blind to everything else. Our nation needs powerful inclusive growth. We also need a jolt to push us forward in our thinking. We don't need next possible Prime Minister to be present via 3D holographic technology. But sure we do need a revolution in leveraging technology for agriculture. We need intelligent solutions to increase nation's efficiency by sprucing up the NIC.

I expect better standards of life not just for myself, but for the strata of the society which is barely living.

I expect clean water, electricity and enough food for everyone.

And by the way all of this is possible. We need to get out of our comfort zone and I feel Modi Sarkar will stand upto it.

The last work:
Mr. Modi, you're much senior to me and in our culture, we know, reputation is everything. It takes a lot to build it. Your humble beginnings and where you stand today, it’s not by chance. This is how it was meant to be. I don't need to say more.

I wish you and your party all the luck. Take India to the next level.

The author is the founder of hashtaag.com

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