Abandoning the TAM ratings would be regressive: HUL's Hemant Bakshi

The industry needs to come together to address the shortcomings instead of abandoning a system, says the Chairman Media Committee, ISA

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Updated: Jun 10, 2013 9:00 PM
Abandoning the TAM ratings would be regressive: HUL's Hemant Bakshi

Whilst there have always been differences between TAM (Television Audience Measurement) and broadcasters, this ongoing conflict was taken to another echelon with the latest turn of events when it was learned, according to media reports,  that some of the leading broadcasters are going to unsubscribe from TAM ratings.

Abandoning the systems for ratings and measurement is not an option, according to Hemant Bakshi, Executive Director, Home and Personal Care, Hindustan Unilever and Chairman Media Committee, Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA).
“No rating system is perfect; it is our job as an industry to improve it. There has been a system in operation for the last three decades. Without a system, there will be anarchy,” said Bakshi, emphasising the importance of having a measurement tool in place.

His sentiments are also echoed by some of the leading media agency leaders.

While Bakshi does admit the current system may have shortcomings, he also strongly advocates the industry as a whole needs to come together to address the shortcomings, instead of taking an extreme step towards abandoning a rating system. Abandoning the system altogether would be a regressive step, in his opinion.

“The ratings system is very good for the viewers as it also acts as an incentive to improve content. Having no system will be a regressive step,” concluded Bakshi.

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