Zoomcar will always empower customers with better mobility alternatives: Varun Jha

The CMO speaks about Zoomcar’s organic growth, technological innovations and commitment towards the environment

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Updated: Dec 19, 2019 9:34 AM


Varun Jha

Zoomcar holds the distinction of being India’s first self-drive mobility platform, with the introduction of car-sharing services in 2013. With a strong focus on the mobile experience, Zoomcar allows users to rent cars by the hour, day, week or month. In 2018, it introduced India’s first peer-to-peer marketplace for cars with the launch of its shared subscription mobility model.

“We currently command over 90 per cent of the market share in the subscription mobility model space. We currently have 75 per cent of market share and are looking having a market share of 80-85 per cent over the next 18th months with one lakh cars,” said Varun Jha, CMO, Zoomcar.

Speaking on the brand’s journey, Jha said, “We are the market leader in the self-drive space with over 10,000 cars in the fleet. Zoomcar’s organic growth has been phenomenal. We have seen massive growth in terms of scale towards the second of 2018 and 2019. The amount of user-generated content we receive is unprecedented.”

Speaking further on the brand resonance, Jha said, “On an average, we receive more than 60,000 high-quality user-generated content. Our customers pose for photographs with Zoomcars, surprisingly with doors open, because that is where the logos are. This just signifies the brand resonance we have achieved in the last six and a half years. Many brands spend a huge amount on marketing to attract influencers and get user-generated content, but Zoomcar has grown organically.”

According to Jha, the next multibillion-dollar company in the auto space will be a software company. He noted that customer ownerships are shifting from owning an asset to having convenient access to an asset.

Speaking on the subscription model, Jha said, “With the growth of shared economy across the globe, subscription-based car ownership is becoming an increasing trend. Zoomcar recently hit a massive 15000 car subscription run rate through its shared mobility platform in Aug 2019 alone. This feat makes us the third-largest automobile player in India in terms of volume moved, just next to Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motor India by taking the August 2019 sale numbers”

Zoomcar has also recently launched India’s first vehicle model agnostic Driver Score Tech Stack for the passenger car segment.

“The AI-powered algorithm with machine learning capabilities tracks the mechanical specs of the car being driven and the driving style of the customer. It identifies critical events of driving and rates it on a scale of 0-100,” said Jha

In the Electric Vehicles segment, they have recently announced their fleet of electric vehicles (EVs), which completed over one crore kilometres in the last quarter.

“We are a performance marketing-focused brand and the majority of our marketing team consists of performance marketers. We have a CRM team that helps in increasing repeat transactions and the frequency of transactions,” said Jha on the brand’s marketing strategies.

He added, “We have always operated in a cost to income ratio, which is 6 per cent. When Zoomcar got deployed on roads, the sticker with our brand name itself was the biggest outdoor campaign. We got a huge network growth through word of mouth that has helped us in getting organic traffic, which is around 50-55 per cent.”

“We are also focused on curated content. We are associated with new-age content platforms like Filter Copy and create campaigns on these platforms with a focus on awareness. But we were amazed that we got a 40 per cent jump in the subscription. We are also associated with TLC channel,” said Jha.

“Zoomcar already has over 500 EVs on the road, making it the largest electric shared mobility fleet in the country, with plans to add another 1000 cars within the next year and 10,000 cars by 2021. We are thrilled to bring innovative, green mobility solutions to the people and our recent milestone of covering over one crore kilometres in the last quarter is a testament to our endeavour towards promoting a clean environment,” said Jha.

“At Zoomcar, we have always empowered our customers with better mobility alternatives and will continue doing so at scale. We also have new announcements on several additional EV offerings in the coming months,” concluded Jha.

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