Our TVC Nazar Nahi Nazariya Badlo reinforces our brand strategy: Kaushik Tiwari, Bharat Matrimony

In an interview, the Head – Marketing, Bharat Matrimony talks about the unique positioning of the brand against competition and the reinforcement of its brand strategy

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Updated: Jun 27, 2017 2:27 PM
Our TVC Nazar Nahi Nazariya Badlo reinforces our brand strategy: Kaushik Tiwari, Bharat Matrimony

From a lean start-up to emerging as one of India’s leading matrimony portals, the Bharat Matrimony Group has come a long way as it continues to foray in various vertical spheres. Apart from expanding into wedding services, the matrimony portal is also riding high on the success of their current TVC ‘Nazar Nahi Nazariya Badlo’. In a chat with exchange4media, Kaushik Tiwari, Head - Marketing at Bharat Matrimony talks about the group’s marketing strategies, brand positioning, challenges, and more.

A number of matrimonial websites, new services and dating apps have entered the market. In such a scenario, how do you ensure that the brand stays on top of the game?

As one of the first companies to provide online matchmaking services in India, we believe that we have an early-mover advantage among consumers seeking online matchmaking services. As of March 31, 2017, we had a large database of profiles comprising 3.03 million active profiles ( profiles that have been published or logged in at least once during the prior 180-day period). It is also because we have a high degree of brand recall and trust in India, which is supported by the evidence of the average number of our website pages viewed by unique visitors in March 2017 in the ComScore Report traffic share distribution from April 2014 to March 2017 for Matrimony.com and other matrimonial sites compiled by ComScore. Inc.

The brand has recently expanded into the wedding services market apart from match-making. How has the marketing approach to this been?

In this regard, we have leveraged our brand’s user activity on our platforms and our online match-making client base to diversify into marriage services to take advantage of the lack of organized services in this fragmented market. We intend to continue to invest in building our marriage services verticals, with a focus on adjacent areas with synergy with our core online matchmaking business to target our existing online matchmaking clients and also clients who require marriage services.

What are the factors that drive your marketing strategy?

Our marketing strategy is to maximise our reach among people looking to get married and to get them to register with us.

How is the brand positioning against competition?

We have positioned ourselves as the provider of wider and better matchmaking opportunities to youths. While friends and family can offer a limited choice, Bharat Matrimony offers a wide range of choices. Our current TVC ‘Nazar Nahi Nazariya Badlo’ marks the reinforcement of our brand among young Indians across the globe when it comes to matchmaking. We have always been looking for ways to make Bharat Matrimony more relevant to today’s young people who want to choose their life partner themselves, but for whom the involvement of their parents in the process is also important.

Bharat Matrimony recently did a social media study ‘Girls are okay, are guys?’ What was the thought process? What was the engagement like?

Our social media campaign was intended to dispel myths about what girls are okay with when it comes to marriage. The campaign offered a platform to build conversations around this and the results were surprising. It helped girls and guys understand each other better. It saw 2,100 responses and over 2,000 tweets in less than two hours.

What is your marketing mix?

Our marketing mix comprises TV, online, print and radio.

What challenges do you face in order to keep the brand relevant to your audience?

The challenge is keeping the changing context and mindset of the audience in mind while having conversations about marriage.

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