mFilterIt-e4mWebinar: Digital marketing leaders decode the new playbook for marketers

Industry experts shared insights on how to conserve ad dollars and what marketers ought to do in this post-COVID marketing environment

e4m by exchange4media Staff
Published: Jul 29, 2020 9:16 AM  | 7 min read

e4m webinar presented by mFilterIt on Tuesady witnessed digital marketers coming together to discuss how to conserve online ad dollars from spilling and what marketers need to know in this post-COVID environment. Digital marketing leaders also decoded the new playbook for marketers.

The panel had Lalit Bhagia, CEO, DAN Consult; Shekhar Sharma, VP Digital, GroupM; Prasad Shejale, Founder & CEO, Logicserve Digital; Vishal Chinchankar, Chief Digital Officer, Madison World and Gautam Save, VP Technology, Performics.Resultrix. The session chair was Ron Pullem, Principal Advisor, mFilterIt.

Pullem highlighted some of the main digital challenges that the industry saw in the first half of the year. “It started with Google in January announcing the phasing out of corporate third-party cookies. Closer to home, in India, Reliance Jio has raised 20 billion dollars from 11 investors which is going to allow them to go deeper into the mobile and also enter into e-commerce in a very meaningful way. This impact is going to be important for marketers, agencies, and advertisers in India. There is also this emergence of the advertising boycott of Facebook which no one thought would happen but has. Apple has announced optimal changes where consumers can opt-out of advertising. Lastly, the increase in the trend of mobile use, especially during this pandemic, has become more valuable," stated Pullem.

Starting off the conversation, Sharma spoke about how this new market environment has changed the digital playbook. “The digital industry has always been at the edge of disruption. I go back four years when everything was actually disrupted completely getting into a very mobile-centric approach. We have had instances where marketers were quick to shut their entire desktop. There are three broad pillars to navigate in this post-COVID digital transformation that we are in which are the 3C’s: Content, Context, and Connections. Whenever you have any consumer talking to a brand in whatever form on your call center or interacting with your assets through a chatbot or watching a video all of this forms content. In this era what is critical is getting an ever-changing dynamics in terms of what the shape of the content is. If you were to actually look at it, everything is getting very utilitarian. We need to make every consumer’s life meaningful in terms of context and how we are interacting with our consumers. When you talk about spillovers, one of the key things that makes this entire digital ecosystem very fascinating is accountability. What I mean by accountability is the sharpshooting you can actually do on your consumers, segment the consumers in the way you want to address, profiling, and personalizing your consumers. Thirdly, it is about connections and creating each and every touchpoint with the consumer into content. It is about activating the appropriate channels or platforms or touchpoints to justify all the ROI’s.”

Sharing how the digital playbook has changed, Shejale remarked, “I’m a consumer myself and my behaviour patterns have changed during this pandemic. I’ve implemented this in my agency as well. My non-essential basket has grown now. My mind has started to look at more value. I've become more of a digital omnichannel. I started ordering things online and WhatsApp. Shop to loyalty has been shifted, choices have changed. I'm looking at convenience now. We need to make sure we put consumer changes on the table and then reflect that's probably how our customers and clients are looking at it: the same way. We're talking about reimagining now at this stage which is changing fundamentally the way consumers are using digital touchpoints. This has been a time well to build things for the future.”

Chinchankar commented, “It’s not about just a single media that works. Its always a media mix, part or integrated media that works. For me, marketing is clearly all about funnel marketing. There is top of the funnel and the bottom of the funnel. While we know that TV is a great medium that builds the awareness at the top of the funnel, it addresses largely also the bottom of the funnel for laser-sharp consumer targeting. Digital also has a role. It shouldn’t be only at the bottom but also at the top funnel in the consumer journey. In our playbook, we believe that there is something called an Outcomes Planner. We look at the encounter, explorer, experience and engagement. So where the consumers are and how are you going to encounter them, the experience when they buy your product and as a brand how do you engage with them throughout their life. We go behind where the audiences are that is where the cream is. As an agency, you need to bring in a lot more efficiency. You need to consider the medium that is really efficient. If it is giving you the right price, comparing it with the GRPs and CPRPs the other mediums are giving you. The need of the hour is a single currency with a single lens.”

Save shared, “To serve the client, we too needed to change the way of working. The main observation I’ve seen in my team is that instead of people working in a team the collaboration and decision making lying with a single resource has been amazing. Right now conversations are not just between the client servicing and marketing interactions. We are seeing conversations happening between the technology, the developer, IT team at the client’s space. This has been the biggest change in the way we interact with the organizations of the clients. Marketing technology is evolving and changing and can help the organization in many aspects. Right from lead conversion to managing multi-dimensional complex ones. All the building blocks need to come together to work in tandem and resolve the client’s issues that is the mantra for the post-COVID situation. This is how we will reboot quickly and get the attention of the clients and the audience.”

Bhagia, talking about how he embraced the challenges and triumphed through this time, said, “With COVID, the client's priorities have changed. Whatever clients do with Digital, data, and MarTech perspective has become a high priority. One common trend and focus now is on using less marketing money to reach targets. The goal and targets are the same. The sources to market are changing. 20% of the customers are 200% of your profit whereas 80% of customers are for brand building. We're not only using Martech to acquire customers, but we're amalgamating AdTech with Martech to indulge the two to look at customer profitability and orchestration of customer retention and acquisition.”

Pullem asked the panelist, what new technological tools are required to survive in this post-COVID marketing environment, and change in consumer behaviour?

Sharma, sharing his perspective, said, “We need to create a process for digital transformation. We need to automate some staff jobs, ensure employees that their jobs are safe and they need to work on upskilling. In order to make sure that I'm on track, I need to transform my ops processes, reduce grunt work, create a design process for faster collaboration, call to action criticality, and have absolute trust in your employees.”

Shejale remarked, “There's no one tool to ensure being on track. No two customers are the same. But in a situation where I have to choose one, it'll be based on helping improve the efficiency of work style and customer retention and measure it.”

Chinchankar speaking on the same sentiment stated, “I think you can't choose multiple tools to make a difference, you need to be very clear about one or two final tools that you want to really use.”

Save says that the base tool that I have is my resource and my people. “The tool that you will require is always the resources and talent and anything that can import this talent to help them in their work”, he added.

On a parting note, Bhagia concluded saying, “We need to redefine customer-centricity. The rules of engagement have changed. We need to go back and see what our business means to the customer and look at what kind of MarTech and Adtech can be implemented in the scenario.”

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Ranveer Singh pips Virat Kohli to become 'Most Valued Celebrity of 2022': Kroll report

Singh's brand value of $181.7 million puts him ahead of Kohli, Akshay Kumar, Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 21, 2023 3:52 PM   |   3 min read

ranveer singh

Kroll, the leading independent provider of global risk and financial advisory solutions, announced today the launch of the eighth edition of its Celebrity Brand Valuation Study titled, “Beyond the Mainstream”. The study provides a ranking of India’s most powerful celebrity brands based on brand values derived from their brand endorsement portfolios and relative social media presence. The overall brand value of the top 25 celebrities in 2022 is estimated at USD 1.6 billion (bn), an increase of 29.1% from 2021.

 Key findings of the report include:

  • Ranveer Singh becomes the most valued celebrity of 2022 with a brand value of USD 181.7 million (mn)
  • Virat Kohli secured second position with a brand value of USD 176.9 mn and Akshay Kumar stays steady at the third position with a brand value of USD 153.6 mn
  • Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna feature on the top 25 list with brand values of USD 31.4 mn and USD 25.3 mn, making it the first time for a South Indian celebrity to be featured on the list
  • Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra debuted with a brand value of USD 26.5 mn at No. 23

Aviral Jain, Managing Director, Valuation Advisory Services, Kroll, said: This year’s theme ‘Beyond the Mainstream’ is driven by the stupendous rise of South Indian movie stars and sport celebrities. Notable names from the Tollywood industry, Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna, were featured on the list of India’s top 25 celebrities along with India’s T20 captain Hardik Pandya and Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra. Amongst the Bollywood stars, Ranveer became the most valued celebrity brand in India, given his mammoth endorsement portfolio and widening global presence. Kiara Advani, Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan were other Bollywood debutants on our top 25 list.” 

2022 has been the second successful year for South Indian movies at the box office, resulting in many Tollywood faces being sought after in the advertising and media industry nationally. Further, with a splendid performance at the Olympics followed by the Commonwealth Games, Indian sports stars continue to bag several marquee endorsements benefiting because of lower competition from Bollywood stars with a limited box office collection. 

We present the list of our top 25 celebrity brands for 2022 below: 

Rank (2022 Report)


Brand Value (USD mn)


Ranveer Singh 



Virat Kohli



Akshay Kumar



Alia Bhatt



Deepika Padukone



MS Dhoni



Amitabh Bachchan



Sachin Tendulkar



Hrithik Roshan



Shah Rukh Khan



Salman Khan



Ranbir Kapoor



Rohit Sharma



Ayushmann Khurrana



Anushka Sharma



Kiara Advani



Kareena Kapoor



Kartik Aaryan



Hardik Pandya



Allu Arjun



Sara Ali Khan



Varun Dhawan



Neeraj Chopra



PV Sindhu



Rashmika Mandanna


 2023 marks 25 years of Kroll’s presence in India. Kroll Advisory Private Limited is a SEBI registered Category 1 merchant banker, enabling the company to provide fairness opinions and a wider range of valuation services to listed companies. In 2018, Duff & Phelps acquired Kroll, and the entire firm unified under the Kroll brand in 2020.

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Madison World turns 35

Known as India's largest independent communications group, the company was founded on March 21, 1988 by media veteran Sam Balsara

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 21, 2023 12:58 PM   |   1 min read


Homegrown communications agency Madison World has turned 35 today. The agency holds the distinction of being the largest independent communications group in India and the fifth-largest independent media agency in the world.

Founded on March 21, 1988 by media veteran Sam Balsara, the company has 24 business units across 11 specialised functions of advertising, media, business, analytics, outdoor, activation, events, PR, retail, entertainment, mobile and sports. The company posts a gross billing of Rs 4,000 crore.

Over 1,000 communications professionals work for the company in offices across India.

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Pitch CMO Summit 2023: Brand leaders to share thoughts on ‘The Agile Marketer’

The summit will be held in Mumbai on 24th March, 2023

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 21, 2023 8:47 AM   |   4 min read

Pitch CMO

exchange4media Group is back with the on-ground Mumbai edition of its flagship property - Pitch CMO Summit after three years. The upcoming edition of the conference will be held on the 24th of March, 2023 from 10am onwards.

Fancode and WebEngage are the Co-Powered by Partners for the summit while the Co-Gold Partners are ABP News, DoubleVerify,  Pepper Content and Torc ai. 

Pitch CMO Summit Mumbai 2023 brings India's most reputed brands and top management to interact and share insights on their game-changing success stories under one roof.

The theme of this edition of the conference is ‘The Agile Marketer’.

The summit will witness two panel discussions apart from various spotlight sessions.

The first panel will discuss ‘Adopting Agile Marketing: Need For A Mindset Shift’. Organizations today need a proper structure and a strong underlying system to function efficiently and achieve a common goal. Constraints are often seen as limitations and obstacles when in reality, they complement each other to provide a team with true project flexibility. It’s no secret that change is hard and can be difficult to navigate, but in an agile work environment, the strong underlying system of guidelines offers teams the agility to optimize their work for improved and more efficient delivery.   

In this panel discussion at the Pitch CMO Summit Mumbai 2023, we aim to explore and understand:

  • How is the agile mindset different and how it can prove to be a precursor to agile marketing?
  • Why is there a need for teams to cultivate an agile mindset and adopt an agile marketing approach?
  • How does an agile mindset help in today’s VUCA environment?
  • How can brands & marketers try and understand the ‘why’ of being agile clearly to nurture the ‘how’ naturally?
  • How can agile marketing be the perfect approach during uncertain times?

The session will be moderated by Jaiti Hariani, Sales Director, DoubleVerify and the members of the panel will be: 

  • ESHA NAGAR, Managing Director – APAC, Nepa
  • HAREESH TIBREWALA, Joint Chief Executive Officer , Mirum India
  • JAYA JAMRANI, Vice President - Marketing, Castrol India
  • MANASI NARASIMHAN, Vice President and Head, Marketing & Communications, South Asia, Mastercard
  • NIKHIL GULATI, GM- Marketing, Clovia
  • SAPANGEET RAJWANT, Head – Marketing & Digital, Hindi Mass Entertainment, Viacom18
  • VANDA FERRAO, Chief Marketing Officer, WOW Skin Science 

The summit will also see the coming together of another panel to discuss ‘The Playbook for Building Agile Brands’. 

With the increasing demand for consumers’ attention, brands need to enhance the consumer journey as they have a plethora of options to choose from. Creating and deploying fresh content regularly is the key to keeping your audience engaged. Today, uncertainty and volatility have been the most used terms in the business arena over the last few years due to the pandemic. For this, a number of brands are adapting the agile approach to marketing to keep pace with the constantly changing consumer sentiment. Agile marketing is believed to leverage and help brands lead the next wave of growth for the businesses of the future. 

In this panel discussion at the Pitch CMO Summit, Mumbai 2023, we aim to understand: 

  • How has the marketing playbook evolved over the years to accommodate agile marketing?
  • Can there be a playbook to abide by when talking about agility as the core approach to brand building?
  • What does being an ‘Agile Brand’ mean in today's scenario?
  • The DOs and DON’Ts of building an agile brand
  • Do marketers today need to move beyond a playbook to build brands that are future-proof? 

The session will be moderated by NIKHIL KUMAR, Vice President -  India, SEA & ME, mediasmart and the members of the panel will be: 

  • DIPPAK KHURANA, Co-founder & CEO, VServ
  • ANUJ ARORA, Chief Marketing Officer, Symphony
  • KAVITHA GANESAN, General Manager – Marketing, TVS Eurogrip
  • VIJAY KUMAR PAMPANA, Director & Head of Marketing, P&G Health India
  • VIRAT KHULLAR, AVP & Group Head – Marketing, Hyundai Motor India Limited
  • YANNICK COLACO, Co-Founder, FanCode

The conference will be followed by the award felicitation ceremony of The Pitch Best CMO Awards 2023.

For more details, please check out the microsite:

To attend the summit and awards, get in touch with or


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MuscleBlaze announces Shubman Gill as its brand ambassador

Shubman Gill will be seen in multimedia marketing campaigns for MB Fuel One Sports

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 20, 2023 3:54 PM   |   2 min read


MuscleBlaze, a sports nutrition brand, announced the appointment of Shubman Gill as its new brand ambassador for endorsing the brand’s MB Fuel One Sports range amongst the youth.

Talking about his association with MuscleBlaze, cricket’s rising star Shubman Gill said, “I'm excited to be a part of MuscleBlaze since I've always been passionate about working out every day and maintaining a fit lifestyle. With everyone getting busy and always juggling with their lives, nutrition takes a backseat; so my association with MuscleBlaze will promote the healthy way to be ahead in the game of staying active by dispelling the myth that consuming supplements and protein is a barrier to fitness”

Commenting on this brand ambassador announcement, Sameer Maheshwari, Founder & CEO, HealthKart, said “The ethos of MuscleBlaze is to foster a Ziddi attitude, and Shubman’s journey reflects exactly that. He is a rising star and we are thrilled to fuel his achievements with our products like Biozyme etc. This partnership will scale great heights.“

Adding to the excitement, Kaustuv Paliwal, Business Head, MuscleBlaze said, “We’re thrilled to have Shubman Gill represent us as a brand ambassador. MB has a penchant for being the harbinger of great talent, and what we see in Shubman Gill is an unassailable potential to stand out with his champion mindset, exactly what MB stands for. Our association with such a trailblazing batsman, who has dauntlessly pursued his Zidd against all odds to make sure failure does not loom close, also reiterates our vigor to fuel the future of Indian sports with genuine supplements specially crafted for athletes. With this, we’re expecting to further motivate our young consumers and infuse them with the right supplements.”

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Max Protein ropes in Kartik Aaryan as brand ambassador

Kartik Aaryan and Max Protein form 'Protein Police' force to bust unhealthy snacking

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 20, 2023 3:22 PM   |   2 min read


Max Protein has roped in actor Kartik Aaryan as their brand ambassador.

A campaign will soon be launched focusing on educating consumers about the importance of incorporating protein into one’s diet and promoting Max Protein's protein-rich snacks as a healthy snacking option under the concept of ‘Protein Police’.

Since Kartik Aaryan’s fitness and active lifestyle aligns with Max Protein’s vision of promoting health and wellness through its products that cater to every palette, this association will enhance the brand’s visibility and market value.

Expressing his zeal for being the face of the brand, Aaryan said, “As a fitness aficionado, I believe that adequate protein intake plays a crucial role in living a healthy lifestyle, which should ideally be a necessity rather than a choice. I am pleased to come on board with Max Protein to endorse and further boost the idea of healthy yet tasty protein bars and cookies.”

Commenting on the same, Vijay Uttarwar, CEO at Naturell India Pvt Ltd, “In the highly competitive snacking market, association with a popular celebrity like Kartik Aaryan will maximize the reach for the Max Protein brand. This will help the brand to stand out in the market and attract more customers. Our brand aims to cater to the younger generation who are looking for convenient and healthy snacking options. Thus, the credibility and trust factor of Kartik Aaryan will help to further cement Max Protein’s name in the market by reaching out to our key audience.”

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SportsBuzz11 associates with Delhi Capitals as Fantasy Partner for Women’s T20 League

The SportsBuzz11 logo will be featured on the back of the match and training jerseys of the Delhi Capitals throughout the competition

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 20, 2023 3:13 PM   |   2 min read


Fantasy sports platform SportsBuzz11 has associated with Delhi Capitals as the official Fantasy Partner and back-of-jersey sponsor for the ongoing Women’s T20 League. The tournament is being played from March 4 to March 26 2023.

The SportsBuzz11 logo will be featured on the back of the match and training jerseys of the Delhi Capitals throughout the competition.

Speaking about the collaboration, SportsBuzz11's Managing Director, Mr Dashmeet Kawatra, said, “This collaboration is a significant milestone for us, and we are excited to provide the best possible fantasy gaming experience to cricket fans. Let's all cherish these moments together & pour our best wishes to Delhi Capitals and all the other teams.”

Meanwhile, the Delhi Capitals CEO Dhiraj Malhotra said, “We are excited to have SportsBuzz11 on board as our official fantasy partner for the league. Their innovative and engaging fantasy platform will help us reach out to our fans in a more interactive way, and we look forward to a successful collaboration."

On the partnership, Sumit Dhand Co-Founder of Hawk Ecommerce said, “We are confident that this partnership will help us expand our reach and increase our user base. The Women's T20 League is an exciting tournament, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. We look forward to working closely with SportsBuzz11 to offer a unique and engaging experience for their users." Hawk Ecommerce (Performance Marketing Agency) will be providing strategic support to SportsBuzz11 in multi-channel marketing campaigns and various brand engagement activities.

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Clear Premium Water ropes in Hrithik Roshan as brand ambassador

The packaged water brand seeks to elevate itself as a brand with this association

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 20, 2023 2:13 PM   |   1 min read


Clear, the packaged drinking water company, has roped in Hrithik Roshan as their brand ambassador.

"Clear is already a well-established national brand, but I am confident that the association with Hrithik Roshan will boost our aspirations to emerge as a pre-eminent brand," said Nayan Shah, Founder and CEO of CLEAR PREMIUM WATER.

Commenting on the association, the actor said, "I am excited to join CLEAR, one of the country's most preferred and premium water brands, in its journey to encourage people to drink safe and mineral-rich water. Together, we will promote a healthy lifestyle with CLEAR's premium products while working towards greater concerns like sustainability and environmental conservation."

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