“Event management demands passion and hard work”

The events industry needs an equal amount of talent, creativity and quality hard work, say industry experts, who welcome an infusion of young blood

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Updated: Aug 1, 2012 2:26 AM
“Event management demands passion and hard work”

For any industry to thrive, there is need for fresh talent to come in. GenNext can infuse fresh perspective and outlook into the industry. Sumit Khanna of CRI Events; Sunil D’souza, Director, Fountainhead Events; Chanda Singh, VP, Encompass; Kriti Bhargava, Event Crafter-client servicing; and Dhruv Kalra, Client Servicing, Vibgyor Brand Services offer valuable advice to the young blood eager to join the events industry.

Why join the events industry?
The events industry needs an equal amount of talent, creativity and quality hard work, say industry experts. Though outwardly it seems glamourous, it is a very challenging job.

On his reasons for joining the events industry, Sunil D’souza said that entertainment is his only passion and that he had always wanted to become an entertainer. Kriti Bhargava finds the events space glamorous, while Sumit Khanna feels that what this industry needs is more passion and not academic degrees. Plus the glamour is an added bonus. On the other hand, glamour is not only the reason for Chanda Singh to join the events industry, it is the organising and execution part that excites her. Beyond glamour, Dhruv Kalra sees tremendous opportunities for growth in this industry. All the experts agree that this industry is quite different, is immensely creative and the results are for all to see.

If not events, then what?
The lure of a better pay packet is enough to draw away even the best of talent. But not for this panel of industry experts. D’souza said that he is in this industry for the experience and no, he would not quit just because of a higher salary elsewhere. For Khanna, the learning opportunity is a big plus and hence he, too, would stick with this industry. Bhargava felt that money will come eventually, in the meantime time if it is something that one loves doing, that’s a bonus.

Why people job hop a lot?
According to Roshan Abbas, MD, Encompass Events, while emotional connect is a big factor in employees sticking to a job, the salary factor plays a major role in one’s decision to join another job. Initially, youngsters are attracted by the glamour factor of the events industry, but often move on when they feel that their salaries are not commensurate with the work that they are doing. Abbas felt that there should be better communication between the company officials and employees to build a strong emotional connect.

Pain points
Working in an events industry is not a 10 to 6 job. There are certain demands of the job that can’t be ignored. One needs to entertain clients whenever they have a need. One should be specialised in the field of event management, and this requires special skill sets. This job is not for everyone. These are some of the views expressed by industry experts.

As Roshan Abbas puts it, “Working smart is an art.”

“Knowledge is a main pain point,” said Fountainhead’s D’souza, adding, “We need to have efficient people in the company to save on time.”

The speakers were part of a panel discussion on GenNext in the event industry at the fifth annual convention of Events and Experiential Marketing Association (EEMA) – EEMAGINE 2012. The convention was held in New Delhi over three days – July 28, 29 and 30.


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