EbixCash launches first ad campaign that reflects its brand values

The campaign was spearheaded by Chrome Pictures and their creative team under the leadership of Hemant Bhandari

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Updated: Sep 19, 2020 2:00 PM

EbixCash had recently launched their first-ever ad campaign – ‘Har Khushi Ke Liye Kaafi Hai’. A campaign with each of the advertisements reflecting the intrinsic values that the brand EbixCash stands for. The latest release speaks (about the being the voice for voiceless and the measures that needs to be taken for the betterment for coming generations.

Chrome Pictures is involved in “campaign thought” for the brand, conceptualising, scripting, direction and production of the entire AD campaign. This entire process was spearheaded by Chrome Pictures and their creative team under the leadership of Hemant Bhandari (Director, Producer & Co-Founder Chrome Pictures).

The ad film showcases emotions that are currently very relevant and sensitive under post COVID India.  The ad touches upon deforestation and how a group of kids make a successful effort in stopping deforestation.

The campaign will be leveraged across television & digital platforms which include: Colors, Sony, Zee, Star, AajTak, NDTV 24X7, Times Now, Republic tv, Republic Bharat, India Today, TV18, ABP, CNBC TV18, Bazaar 18, CNBC Awaaz, ET Now, Nicleodeon, regional channels, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. EBIXCASH is also being endorsed by their brand endorsers which include IPL teams and their players such as the KXIP, Delhi Capitals and Kapil Dev.

On the latest release of EbixCash TVC , Hemant Bhandari (Director, Producer & Co-Founder Chrome Pictures) commented on the commercial saying that, "We all know that every living existence on this Planet Earth depends heavily on trees or forests for their subsistence, both directly, for food and fuel, and indirectly for soil stabilization and water purifications. So if we allow these muted important creatures to be struck down to the ground, it will lead to be a self created destruction by affecting climate at the first hand. Great scientific evidence is beginning to accumulate, showing how this climate breakdown is likely to affect our food supply. Already the population around the globe is being continuously hammered by decreasing in agricultural yields, drought, floods, fire and locusts. When we call such hazards “historical" or "biblical”, we are trying to compensate ourself to fell that thesekinds of happening, happened long ago, to people whose lives we can scarcely imagine. Now, with increasing frequency, they are happening to us.This film is a dedication to all those great people, who are putting their life to speak in place of these voiceless creatures. The demonstrators using the Non-violence method to stop the cutting by using the simple primary tactic of embracing the tress to impede the loggers.

In these tough time of Covid19, I have developed the trust, I have become hopeful, highly optimistic by seeing how the world reacted in a unified way to respect lockdown for the betterment for our Human race, will also do the same in the future time if asked them for the betterment of our future home.Frequent awareness campaigns need to run throughout the world to make understand the people its need. We are grateful to Mr. Robin Raina (CEO, EbixCash) to have given us an opportunity via this TVC to spread this message in a beautiful relatable manner which is very close to my heart”.

After the release of the latestad of the campaignRobin Raina (Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, EbixCash) said, “Chrome Pictures managed to create a diligent, thoughtful and a provoking campaign for EbixCash which we believe will have lots of longevity especially since this is our first ever AD campaign since inception. Hemant brought on board a fresh and innovative thought process in understanding the innate facets of the human psyche which were crucial is communicating the key brand messages of our product to the end consumer. Chrome managed to very strategically communicate what the brand envisioned and married that idea very tactfully with what a consumer could potentially want from the campaign in terms of the services we provide them. I am pleased to see that the campaign manages to inspire and yet make you smile which was our biggest challenge considering the aggressive timelines that were set up to launch it.”

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