BW Young Entrepreneur Summit: Entrepreneurs are new age freedom fighters - CK Kumaravel

Kumaravel, CEO, Naturals Salon & Spa spoke about ‘The Indian Entrepreneurship story: Not for the timid hearts’ at the fifth annual summit and awards

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Updated: Feb 21, 2019 8:55 AM
CK Kumaravel

At the fifth annual BW Business World Young Entrepreneur Summit and Awards, CK Kumaravel, Founder and CEO of Naturals Salon and Spa, spoke about ‘The Indian Entrepreneurship story: Not for the timid hearts’.

He opened the speech narrating his story as a student of Bachelor of Science - Nutrition at the PSG Arts College Coimbatore to an entrepreneur. He spoke how Mahatma Gandhi and Abdul Kalam have influenced society. He said, “Our generation has not seen Mahatma Gandhi. But, we have seen Abdul Kalam who lived and died as a legend. He died doing what he loved, talking to the students.”

Quoting Kalam he said that India doesn’t need job seekers but India needs job providers and entrepreneurs.

Speaking on the entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs who had high influence on him, Kumaravel said, “Entrepreneurship is your ability to dream, ability to win, ability to lose, and ability to win again and again. The first entrepreneur I met in my life was my father. His primary business is to buy pharma products in bulk and distribute to medical stores. He did various businesses and one day he was travelling to Singapore and his suitcase contained a shampoo bottle, fortunately or unfortunately the bottle broke and his attire got spoiled. Instead of blaming the shampoo bottle or anyone else he said there is a problem, can I fix it and convert it into an opportunity and that’s called entrepreneurship.”

Late Chinni Krishnan, Kumaravel’s father conceived the idea of shampoo sachets, which has become an integral part of retail packaging since late 1970s.

“Entrepreneurship is not about having a Tata, Birla surname, it is not about money or an MBA degree. It is your ability to think differently and turning a problem into opportunity. Entrepreneurs are new age freedom fighters who will pull India from shackles of poverty,” said Kumaravel.

He continued, “For 350 years the Britishers and the Moghuls looted us, for next 72 years we were looted by local goons. There are four types of India, first one is Power India which consist of all politicians and bureaucrats. The second one is poor India where 60 per cent of them live in sub-human conditions. Power India and Poor India are in excess.”

Speaking about the third category of Indians Kumaravel said, “The third category of Indians are new rising middle class and the fourth category are entrepreneur India. Entrepreneurship is the ability to use minimum resource and take risks and achieve big dreams.”

“It is the duty of entrepreneurs to create high quality job for other fellow being,” he concluded.

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