GoaFest 2011: The emotional brain is in-charge - Robin Wight

Deciphering consumer behaviour has always been a challenge for markets, but if one were to follow Brain Science, this exercise would lead to many success stories, as Robin Wight, CEO, Engine, explains…

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Updated: Apr 11, 2011 8:58 AM
GoaFest 2011:  The emotional brain is in-charge - Robin Wight

Day three at GoaFest 2011 saw Robin Wight, CEO, Engine, giving an insightful presentation on how brain science can revolutionise the marketing industry. He spoke about Bill Bernbach, a veteran adman who understood people’s mind instinctively.

“The fact that we have two minds - marketers are making the mistake of targeting the wrong mind,” said Wight. Explaining the theory of Brain Science, he said that typically a consumer would respond based on emotions and the knowledge he had accumulated over the years. “There is a Cognitive mind, which has a thinking system, and the genetic mind, which is a reflex system – decisions that our brain takes instantly.”

He added, “We do not control what our brain decides for us on most occasions.” Continuing further he noted that did not like changing their minds. “It takes more than brain effort to change your mind. So continuity is crucial. If a new campaign lacks continuity, it is likely that it will lose the consumer connect. Most successful brands have continuity – Levis and Polo, for example,” he added.

Wight also stressed on the importance of striking a balance between continuity and differentiation. Yet another aspect of advertising that he brought to light was that advertising that tend to seek a lot of brain effort isn’t the most effective advertising, since consumers make buying decisions without too much of brain power.

“Comparative ads don’t work because they ask consumers to change their mind. It tends to challenge the leader in the category, and for consumers to make that shift, is not easy,” he noted.

Concluding his presentation, Wight said that feelings and emotions were stronger among consumers and that led the brain to make the decision as against facts. “Brain Science will help creativity flourish. Brand managers, through this technique, can read consumers’ minds and evaluate campaigns,” he pointed out.


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