GoaFest 2011: India to see an explosion of Display ads: Rajan Anandan

Display ads are set to witness tremendous growth, says Rajan Anandan, Managing Director, Google India, as he lists the factors fueling this growth and where Google fits in.

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Updated: Apr 9, 2011 8:56 AM
GoaFest 2011:  India to see an explosion of Display ads: Rajan Anandan

While online advertising currently accounts for a mere 4 per cent of the total advertising spends, this figure is expected to only go up with online becoming a significant part of a marketer’s spends. The potential is there – there are a hundred million people in India who’re active Internet users, while the industry size is pegged at around Rs 1,000 crore. And with the ever-increasing mobile penetration in India, mobile Internet, too, is on an upward spiral. Data suggests that 40 million users access the Internet from home, with majority of the consumption seen amongst SEC A-B, in the 15-24 age group.

Sharing some key insights on online advertising on Day 2 at GoaFest 2011 was Rajan Anandan, Managing Director, Google India, who also spoke about how display played a major role within the online segment.

Anandan remarked that online was still more like a cottage industry in India despite all the promise. He, however, added that by 2014, the industry would be worth a billion dollar. He also expected the online medium to see a growth of not less than 50 per cent this year.

Google, which is primarily known for its Search, was now intensifying its focus on Display, Anandan said, adding, “We’re putting in big monies on Display. We’re investing in acquiring the best engineers because we believe that Display is not only smart, but a sexy way of advertising, be it in Rich Media or Online Video.” Elaborating on the power of Online Video, he said, “In the last four months, more content has been uploaded on YouTube than the four largest networks of the US since 1948. Even in a market like India, YouTube has 20 million unique users a month.”

He further noted that the presence of the youth segment on YouTube in India was growing at a rate of 25-30, making the online video sharing giant the largest youth channel in India.

On mobile Internet, he pointed out that 40 million users accessed the Internet on their mobile phones. “People think mobile is still nascent, but look at the numbers – mobile is quite established in this country. Today, you can do rich media and video advertising on the mobile phones,” he noted.

Another aspect of Display advertising, which according to Anandan was a key feature, was the measurability factor. “Display is measureable. On YouTube, you can measure the effectiveness of the ad. Who is watching the ad, did he watch the entire ad or not? When do you get the maximum engagement with the users? And a lot of other information on user behaviour with respect to the ads,” he remarked.

Further elaborating on the potential of Display, Anandan said, “Display advertising will go through an incredible explosion in India. It’s measurable. You can target in the way you’ve never done before. And within that segment, YouTube plays a big role. It’s the world’s biggest focus group. At Google, we’ve seen Display grow by 92 per cent in the past year.”

He signed off his presentation by saying that online advertising would be an interesting landscape for brands which would look to engage with the huge audience out there, waiting to be engaged and conversed with.

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