New rules of engagement @Goafest 2013

Raghu Bhat of Scarecrow Communications shares some new motions he ‘expects’ will be adopted, in lieu of recent incidents, at Goafest this year

e4m by Raghu Bhat
Updated: Apr 5, 2013 4:48 AM
New rules of engagement @Goafest 2013

The last few days have been pretty action-packed. In light of recent incidents, I expect the following motions to be adopted at Goafest.

1  The only people who shall enjoy the right to condemn scam ads are the ones who have won less than 25 national or international awards for scams in the past 10 years.
Any National Creative Director who gets admittance into the worldwide creative council on the basis of awards created by his juniors will be forced to offer financial help to the families of the juniors in case the juniors lose their jobs.
To give the right message to the industry, post award celebrations will be strictly regulated from now on. For instance, a person winning an award for real work will be allowed to raise both his arms in triumph, do a somersault on stage and even get drunk. But a person winning an award for a scam will be required to accept the award without an overt display of happiness and can leave the stage only after issuing a public apology.
4 All the members who wish to be considered for jury duty henceforth will have to produce a certificate from a HR professional (from TISS or XLRI) stating that they are totally bereft of morals - so that the judging of scam ads can happen in a non-judgemental manner and also, to minimize incidents of people walking away from the judging process, citing moral pressures.
5 While deciding the agency of the year, real work will carry more weight as compared to pro-active work. For instance, a gold for a poster created for a telecom giant with a turnover of 5 billion USD will earn the agency 6 points as compared to a gold for a poster of a pastry shop with a turnover of 2000 USD  that will entail a penalty of 3 points and a fine of 2000 bucks.

Raghu Bhat is Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications. 

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