How Facebook Creative Shop fetched "Gone Girl campaign" a whopping 18 mn impressions

Ram Cobain, Creative Strategist of Facebook Creative Shop, speaks to exchange4media on the strategy and creative assets that helped the ‘Gone Girl campaign’

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Jul 28, 2017 7:56 AM

Justice and Care, an Indian NGO that helps fight human trafficking, was announced the global winner at the recently concluded Facebook Awards 2017 for promoting the ‘Gone Girl campaign’ to prevent girl child prostitution. The campaign garnered a whopping 18 million impressions and 4 million page engagements impressions in just two weeks. Ram Cobain, Creative Strategist, Facebook Creative, spoke to exchange4media on the strategy and creative assets that helped the campaign gain the massive visibility. Excerpts:

How were the ads on Facebook and Instagram used to nurture a healthy conversation regarding the campaign?

The primary objective of the campaign was to raise awareness against human trafficking, specifically about the little-known fact about the importance of the first 24 hours in rescue. Few people knew about this critical time frame and fewer had heard about Justice and Care (J&C,) an NGO that has been fighting the good fight against overwhelming odds for many years now. The campaign saw emotionally charged comments, people were anxiously asking what they could do to help. Hearteningly, the campaign resulted in over 93.75% volunteers than any of their past campaigns. People were not only talking about the cause and J&C, but also stepped up to give their time and effort, which was frankly much more than we’d expected.

Can you elaborate on what was the user engagement that the campaign helped garner? Apart from campaigns and ads, any other strategies to gain attention on the issue?

On a very modest budget of under USD 7000, the campaign generated over 18 million impressions in under two weeks, with an extremely high relevance score of 8/10. Which meant that the people targeted found the ads meaningful and important. The campaign also saw over 4 million page engagements and over 4000 link clicks. We also retargeted people who had initially engaged with the ads with subsequent communication.

What was the reach of the campaign?

‘Gone Girl’ targeted men and women aged 24 to 65, filtered by affluence across cities with the highest propensity to donate, like in India it was Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai; in the UK it was London and in the USA it was New York. In all, 8 million people were reached.

Any particular reason for using carousel ads over any other ad form?

Actually, carousels were only one of the creative assets used. The main idea was based on Instagram Stories because Instagram Stories disappear in 24 hours (as do girls kidnapped for trafficking.) Aside from the Instagram Stories, we used short micro-videos to drive traffic to the campaign launch, as well as Facebook videos and carousels.

How did the campaign and ads help with the fund-raising?

Fundraising wasn’t the main objective of this campaign, but it did result in some modest funds. Funds are generally raised through word of mouth and here, J&C was (primarily) looking for awareness, as mentioned earlier.

Tell us about the overall social strategy and scale growth strategies for the promotions.

Every 8 minutes, a girl goes missing in India. However, numbers have a way of ‘dehumanising’ the problem and thus our overall creative strategy was to focus on the story of one girl - hence ‘Gone Girl.’ It’s easier to feel for a single face, rather than a staggering statistic. The campaign was promoted across both Instagram and Facebook, with ads on Facebook driving traffic to the IG stories as well as raising awareness on their own. As far as growth goes, we’re planning to do a 2.0 version soon. Stay tuned for that and wish us luck.

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