'Give a gift': Is Facebook on the right track?

While updating timeline & newsfeed, and introducing reply to reply & graph search beefed up FB’s ecosystem, ‘Give a gift’ option comes across as undefined

e4m by Saloni Surti
Updated: Apr 8, 2013 7:00 PM
'Give a gift': Is Facebook on the right track?

Facebook has now started promoting its real time gift feature by suggesting ‘Give a gift’ button, which have celebratory news such as new jobs or a new born baby. The feature has been live on Facebook for quite some time now, but has not been promoted much.

‘Give a gift’ is based on the ideology of celebrating a friend’s happiness with real time gifts. Since the option is not available across every status updates, there have been speculations that it is triggered with certain keywords or certain situations.

“Facebook’s gifting feature has fairly evolved from the social network’s core of being a place where people (friends) can connect and exchange stuff,” said Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, WATConsult. “While there is likes, comments, photo views, shares, messages etc., that are highly used by the people on Facebook, this feature is an addition to its already existing list.”

On using the ‘Give a gift’ option, users get an opportunity to present their loved ones a token of love from various categories such as Fun, Food, Wine and Style. Once the user selects s gift and makes the payment, the receiver gets a notification.

The social networking website recently strengthened its three pillars – graph search, timeline and news feed. While all the above changes helped Facebook strengthen the credibility of likes, check ins and comments, does a ‘Give a gift’ button fit in the flow?

“Facebook has always been moving fast with things, this particularly will be a good add on if it rolls out with the exact way as to how consumers would want it. Ease of use, deals on gifts, good brands, virality and more impressions generated by Facebook will be key for this. Only time will tell as to how this product performs as Facebook can only do what is controllable.”

Dhingra pointed out that marketers once the trend picks up marketers can leverage the gift feature by showcasing their products in gift list. While the initiative is in sync with Facebook’s viral and engagement theme, the success of the feature depends on how well it is promoted.

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