"There's scope for more media agencies from IPG Mediabrands"

There is room in the market as there are plenty of brands to be pitched for in any sector, says Mauricio Sabogal, Global CEO, Brand Programming Network

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Updated: Apr 26, 2013 6:43 PM
"There's scope for more media agencies from IPG Mediabrands"

IPG Mediabrands has the scope to launch more media agencies in addition to its existing three – Lodestar UM, Lintas Initiative and BPN (Brand Programming Network), said Mauricio Sabogal, Global CEO of BPN during his recent India visit.

“The market has scope for four or five, believe me!” Sabogal commented, when asked whether there is room enough in the market for the three brands now operating under the IPG Mediabrands umbrella. “There can be more than two or three agencies per group as there are plenty of brands in any sector.”

Taking the airlines sector as an example, Sabogal said IPG Mediabrands is currently pitching on two parallel lines – with Initiative for British Airways and with BPN for Emirates – besides being in conversation with many other airlines. “We handle more than 10 airlines worldwide, and it is the same case in other industries too. There is a lot of room. Last year, we left the table without pitching for $15 billion worth of business because we didn’t have another agency to pitch with,” Sabogal said. “However, we have to be very, very specific as to how we segment the market, what is the type of clients that BPN approaches, especially because of our size and unconventional way of thinking,” he added.

Media is now holistic, not digital or traditional
Sabogal, who was earlier President of World Markets at IPG Mediabrands, views media as a holistic proposition with digital technology at its core. Differentiating ‘digital’ and ‘traditional’ media, in his parlance, would be “obsolete” as media is no longer just the domain of print or TV; today, media is satellite, radio frequency or cable and through those channels, the consumer receives all the platforms and can be touched on any of them.

“When consumers are exposed to different messages, they don’t think ‘now I’m going to watch traditional’ and ‘now is my time to watch digital’. They just watch. They are just impacted. So the most important thing is to spend in the way the consumer behaves, not necessarily digital or traditional, but efficient enough to reach and influence the consumer. That is the big deal,” Sabogal explained.

BPN was launched in June 2012 on the promise of agility, creativity and understanding of new avenues such as the digital medium, branded content, mobile telephony, etc., and the position it takes today is that of ‘radical common sense’. More than applying science with a lot of techniques, BPN prides itself on ‘common sense’. “You buy media and you plan media using your common sense. Then you put in radical ideas – that is the key to success for a really modern agency, because at the end of the day, we are not buying media, we are buying touch-points,” said Sabogal. The idea of BPN is to approach the consumer with a really heavy load of innovations and ideas, as it can’t be predicted how the consumer is touched.

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