Nestle enters premium chocolate category with Alpino

Launches two TVCs that revolve around sharing, to bring alive the message 'To love is to share'. Is the insight clear? NO. Will it connect with the audience? YES

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Updated: Aug 26, 2013 8:16 AM
Nestle enters premium chocolate category with Alpino

Darling! It’s good that you don't resemble your parents; Loser that’s what dad thought about you. We all agree that to love is to share, but what if you reveal the deepest secrets buried for years? This is basic idea behind the new campaign of Nestlé Alpino, to build Nestlé’s premium confectionery portfolio.  

Replacing the concept of traditional Indian mithais, chocolates are getting increasingly popular among Indian consumers. According to industry estimates, the chocolate market is worth Rs 5,600 crore and the premium segment accounts for 32 per cent share. The premium chocolate category is growing at a much faster rate and hence, it makes sense for Nestle to launch Alpino to arrest the falling market share in the chocolate category. It bears resemblance to Ferrero Rocher in terms of packaging and shape, but interestingly each pack comes with a tray that has unique messages.

The TVCs revolve around the sharing ritual to bring alive the message of ‘To love is to share’. It has two TVCs, both with married couples shown sharing a moment in their homes. The bedroom TVC shows a young couple looking through a photo album. The husband compliments his partner’s looks, going on to express his relief that she doesn’t resemble her parents. Even as he says it, he realises it wasn’t the right thing to share, further emphasised by the voice over that asks “Yeh bhi koi share karne ki cheez hai?” The voiceover continues, “Share hi karna hai, toh try the new Nestlé Alpino”.

The living room TVC shows a couple getting ready to go out. The wife asks if her husband has told her father about his promotion. On hearing his surprise at the question, she lets slip that it would help his image since her father had considered him a loser. The voiceover “Yeh bhi koi share karne ki cheez hai?” again accentuates the husband’s hurt look, while the wife wonders how to take her words back. With “Share hi karna hai toh try the new Nestlé Alpino”, she takes him through the ritual; they share an Alpino together and are shown reading their messages together.

Commenting on the creative thought, Nitin Pradhan, Executive Creative Director, JWT said, “The fundamental task was to launch Alpino with a communication platform that was unique to the product. We figured that ‘sharing’ in a product like this was intrinsic and hence, ‘ownable’ as an idea. However, one had to be careful about sharing not becoming a preachy or a mushy cliché while talking to couples (across age groups) and that it gets introduced in a fresh way. So, we kept the films light-hearted, yet real on the everyday wisdom of sharing and how Alpino is ‘the best thing to share’. It helped us make communication that’s sticky for couples of all ages and get an engaging creative platform for the brand.”

The campaigns are live on TV, screened on YouTube, and promoted on the Facebook Logout page. It will also be played in cinema halls. The brand will engage with consumers on Facebook and Twitter to drive its concept.

Has the sharing ritual come alive?
Expert take
Simran Sahni, Group Creative Director, Cheil India (Cheil Worldwide SW Asia HQ) said, “I like the films. They are very sweet and simple. The underlying idea of ‘Share karna hai toh kuch acha share karo’ is also nice. But my only problem is that in the two stories ‘To love is to share’ doesn’t ring true. What is the insight? Share everything with your love? Or when you goof up, make up with Alpino. Because if you notice, they are actually not sharing something with a loved one, it’s more of a slip of tongue. And then the product is a perfect make-up for the ‘zubaan phisalna’. And don't you feel that we have had an overdose of this kind of an execution? The same Cadbury formula of two dialogues, music kicking in at the pregnant pause…”

“But do I think it will connect with the audience? IN BLACK BOLD ALL CAPS ‘YES’,” she added.

Our take
The Alpino campaign to mark the entry of Nestlé into the premium chocolate category gets a thumbs up. Nestlé has very intelligently chosen the insight of sharing because chocolates are always enjoyed more when shared. The campaign does justice to the insight through a healthy execution.  Any couple can relate to the idea, giving it a universal appeal.

The plot is entertaining with a clever mix of the right characters. The ads are short, simple and don’t let us switch to any other channel. However, the living room TVC is more entertaining than the bedroom TVC.

The whole idea of carrying a different message in each pack like ‘you are sweeter than any chocolate’ and ‘you are my dream that came true’ strikes a chord with the consumers as they get a sense of importance. However, whether the brand can take on early entrants such as Toblerone and Ferrero Rocher remains a big question.

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