Guest Column: The 6 critical dimensions of Digital Advertising: Malik Gilani, Esar Media and Advertising

Consumers have varied tastes and to not be at par with their dynamic preferences is a serious offence in the digital advertising world

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Updated: Sep 20, 2017 8:24 AM

Digital advertising has taken over the world today and how! When one thinks of the advertising aspect now, the first leg of the plan is to ‘digitally’ examine what can be done and what can’t, followed by other above-the-line and below-the-line activities. Digital advertising has evolved from mere website pop-ups to social media ads, email marketing, in-app advertising and everything else in between.


It has become an indispensable part of any organisation. We see big multi-million dollar companies and small start-ups alike, riding the digital bandwagon. It’s no alien fact that digital marketing reaches out to a much wider audience base and at the same time helps you carve out niche segments to concentrate on completely. The correct implementation of digital ads and tools can help your online presence grow exponentially, foster a lasting brand image and ultimately, drive sales. So, if you are not online, you should be.


While taking the plunge in the world of digital advertising, one needs to contemplate a few significant dimensions associated with it. By integrating these, you will achieve the desired targets for your organisation.


  • Not all that glitters is gold

Not every opportunity one explores is viable. If you spot a feasible idea, you first need to know your target audience and then evaluate if the opportunity is completely in sync with your TG. It is of utmost importance to understand what your need as a digital advertising company is and then delve deeper to find out your target market.


  • Analyze your TG’s digital behavior 

Once you have defined what your target group is, it is then time to analyze their digital behavior. Not all consumers search the same things online and not everyone is part of the same digital group. By assessing your TG’s online behavior thoroughly, you’re at an advantage to plan the outlay of online ads and campaigns better. Consumers have varied tastes and likes and to not be at par with their dynamic preferences is a serious offence in the digital advertising world. 


  • Resource Management

Efficient and effective management of resources is extremely critical to a digital media company’s internal operations. Moreover, if you are a global digital advertising and marketing company, resource management becomes all the more important as you are working with foreign markets and dealing in varied times zones. The company’s finances, sales, in-bound and out-bound dealings among others need to be constantly monitored. If sales aren’t achieved, the ad placements are affected. Similarly, faltering finances result in insufficient clicks on ads.


  • Employee Rejuvenation

What most of the digital companies tend to ignore is to make their employees feel more vital to the organisation. Digital media and advertising companies, especially those trading on a more global scale, witness erratic work hours and a lot of commitment from the employees. It thus becomes necessary to motivate employees and give them enough to look forward to, so that they are constantly on top of their game.

  • Open window culture

An institute with a rigid and tight hierarchy does not fly as much or achieve greater heights. There needs to be complete transparency between junior and senior managements. This needs to be adopted more so in digital media and advertising companies where deals need to be clocked in sooner and decisions need to be made efficiently. In such scenarios, valuable insights from junior team members should not follow the barricades of organisational hierarchy. Employees must be able to freely communicate their ideas and opinions to co-workers and the senior management alike.


The current era of digital advertising has proven to open multiple doors for marketers and advertisers leading to organizational success. With rapid technological advancement, this sector is only expected to grow bigger and get better.


Malik Gilani is the Founder & CEO- Esar Media and Advertising.


Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of

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