Goldmedal Electricals makes an important point about water conservation during Holi

Conceptualised by Creative Balcony, the ad film takes into account how water has a relationship with everything that's positive in life

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Updated: Mar 9, 2020 5:08 PM
Goldmedal electricals

Goldmedal Electricals, the leading home-grown fast moving electrical goods (FMEG) company, today announced the launch of a thought-provoking video on the importance of saving water this Holi. The video showcases the significance of saving water and curbing water wastage during the festival of colours.

 Commenting on the launch of the video, Kishan Jain, Director, Goldmedal Electricals said, “Today, citizens are becoming more conscious about mother nature and how their choices can make a positive impact on the environment. There are many parts of the country that still face acute water shortage, especially in the summers, and could result in a crisis if the requisite sustenance measures are not undertaken. Through our ‘Save Water’ video, we are looking to drive the message of water scarcity that exists in India and urge every citizen to celebrate the festival of colours responsibly.”

 Conceptualized by Creative Balcony, the idea of the video is simple yet interesting: Water has a direct relation with everything that’s positive in life. Without water there can be no joy and happiness. The video highlights the fact that if we play Holi responsibly, we can save lakhs of litres of water which can then be the source of joy and happiness for lakhs of people. The essence of Holi is to spread happiness and joy – and we can achieve it by being more responsible about how we use water. 

 Shot in the interiors of India, the film shows a typical summer day where people struggle to get water for their daily needs. The creative idea here is the use of balloons and pichkaris instead of utensils and pots which instantly draws the viewer's attention to the amount of water we end up wasting. Whether it’s one balloon or one water gun – every drop of water counts – the need to save water is important and urgent. The film has been released across social media so that the message reaches people all across the country.

 According to reports, over 150 lakh litres of water is wasted every Holi and a recent study by WaterAid revealed that an estimated 163 million people lack access to clean water. Through this thought-provoking video that showcases the difficulties that people undergo, especially in smaller town and cities, Goldmedal would like citizens to consciously make an effort to not waste water, and use water responsibly. Goldmedal Electricals as a company has been at the forefront of the promotion of the use of sustainable products and solutions help in conserving and protecting mother nature. 

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