Cannes 2015: News from the Cabana Bar

IAA India chapter's Cannes foray, talk of cricket, marketing to the five senses and more...

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Updated: Jun 23, 2015 7:57 AM
Cannes 2015: News from the Cabana Bar

On Day 1 of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2015, the Cabana Bar livened up with creative marketer of the year Heineken throwing a party...

We spotted Ashok Venkatramani of ABP News who had just landed in Cannes talking to Sunil Lulla of Grey Group India, along with Parminder Singh of Twitter, Pradeep Dwivedi of Dainik Bhaskar, Jwalant Swaroop of Sakal, Himanshu Shekhar and Manesheel Gautam of Mindshare, all enjoying the sunshine of the French Riviera at the Cabana Bar when talk veered to what is inevitable when a group of Indian men are together- cricket! Swaroop announced the India score (“196 for 8”) in the Bangladesh v India ODI at Mirpur, evoking some interest.

What was of more interest to us was his takeaway from one of the sessions, that marketing can be taken to a different level by specifically addressing each of the five senses of the human body – sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch - as opposed to just neuro-marketing prevalent so far, thus opening up immense opportunities for brands and creative folk alike.

So while people would be well advised to prepare for an assault on the senses, we found one person giving himself a break from incessant travel, by chilling out at the festival. “I travel so much that for me, this is a way to get my life back,” said Parminder Singh, who planned to spend 80% of his time at Cannes in meetings, and the rest 20% as “wiggle time” to do whatever catches his fancy. He spoke of the Tweet Suites at the festival – essentially a visualization of recent big world events taking up two full floors of a hotel – and the Twitter Beach, with a live periscope booth to boot! Bet we will land up there!

Meanwhile, Pradeep Dwivedi the quintessential Print man, sounded very happy that India is doing well in the Press category. “As a Print guy, I am thrilled,” he said. “India is well represented this time... There must be more than 200 delegates from India, and what’s good is that there’s a huge young crowd... looks like agencies are finally investing in young talent, though the big names in media agencies are missing.” Indeed they are!

News is that IAA’s India chapter, along with the UK and Netherlands chapters, is here in Cannes to spread the word about IAA’s recent initiatives, and also invite advertisers to mingle at Cannes. “The IAA Cabana will act as home to India, apart from the traditional Times of India party,” said Dwivedi. Pradeep Guha and Sunder Swamy from IAA are at Cannes to drive the campaign.

Also talking about advertisers – client Unilever in particular – were Himanshu Shekhar and Manesheel Gautam from Mindshare. Gautam said Unilever is launching a project called Unilever Foundry at Cannes. Unilever has shortlisted a few start-ups, and will take up their ideas and aid them with tech and other support to make them come to life on a larger scale. Indian start-up company Ozone Tel finds a place in the shortlist for the project.

No comparison to the enthusiasm of Avinash Pandey of ABP News, who said he had had waited one hour in the sun and 30 minutes after that in the serpentine queues within the registration hall to register himself as a delegate at the festival. However, that did not make him love the festival any less! A Cannes ad fest regular, he said that unlike a few years ago, when the festival was just stark sessions and no fun, the advent of sponsors has made it a lot more enjoyable and fun. Here’s to that and more from the Cabana Bar in the coming days!

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