Media plays crucial role in showing India's right picture to world: Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe

Dr Sahasrabuddhe, MP & President, ICCR, delivered a keynote address at the IPRCCCA 2021

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Published: Apr 11, 2022 3:42 PM  | 4 min read
Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe

Media plays a key role in communicating to the world about cultural diversity and hence the media persons must tell the world about our cultural diversity, oneness and our way of handling the climate change and approach towards democracy, Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, Member of Parliament and Chairman of Indian Council of Cultural Research (ICCR) said.

Dr Sahasrabuddhe was delivering a keynote address at the 12th edition of the India Public Relations and Corporate Communications Conference and Awards (IPRCCCA). He was the chief guest of the event which is being held on Friday.

Urging media persons to do their best to show the correct picture of India before the world, Dr Sahasrabuddhe said, “The world started discussing soft power nearly 30 years ago. Soft power is all about communicating culture to the world. Media plays an important role in this regard because everyone can’t visit India to understand our culture and perspective. People in the communication field have the responsibility to tell the world our way of handling crucial issues such as climate change and our approach towards democracy, which is very important in the current context.”

“This conference is an important initiative for many reasons. Media these days has become a vehicle of culture. Media communicates about the culture and when you talk about exchange4media, it is also a kind of cultural exchange,” he said.

He further added, “As a president of ICCR, I believe that the role media has been playing in communicating about culture and making people understand various cultural diversities, not just in India but everywhere, and evolving a sound and deeper understanding is very critical. It is very close to the mission of ICCR.”

“So, it's not just about the culture but how you communicate about the culture and make people understand about the culture. India is among those countries who enjoy tremendous amounts of goodwill in every nook and corner of the world. While enjoying goodwill is important and every Indian is credited for that, but I am afraid that it is not enough.”

“Goodwill is important, but more important is understanding. People are attracted towards India, but very few of them understand India, and grasp the idea of India. Those who reach to the core of the idea of India are very limited as understanding India is very difficult,” the MP said.

Highlighting the need for proper perspective in media communication, particularly in today’s context, Dr Sahasrabuddhe said, “Those who visit India, can understand India. But not everyone can come here regardless of his wish to see and understand our country. In an alternative, people who are in the communication field, will have to work hard to make the global community understand India in proper perspective.”

“When I say proper perspective, I mean India’s culture, language, our traditional systems, our way of handling several critical issues, our way of handling climate change and our approach towards democracy. Global community must understand India in proper perspective. I truly believe that the media has a very important role in this regard. Unfortunately, many journals abroad continue to portray India through coloured lens.”

“They depend on whoever is their representative in India and his understanding of India. They have to understand that proper communication about the genuine picture of India happens. We ensure that the global community understands India properly,” he remarked.

He underscored that India is a land of diversity but it is not just the congregation of many cultures and lifestyles. “It's the direct manifestation of the unity and oneness that comes from diversity. We are together, one nation but manifestations of our oneness come in different shapes and sizes.”

“We believe in diversity and unity and unity and diversity. Diversity is part of democratic approach. Therefore we don’t believe in any theoretical concept but in ‘Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti’ (Upanishadic statement meaning One God Is Worshiped). This is the beauty of our culture. Hence, this is upon us to make the global community understand this beauty and try to appreciate what India has been doing and what India will be doing in the future,” Sahasrabuddhe said.

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