Consumer pull & advertiser push make regional mkt attractive: Experts

While broadcasters are upbeat about the regional market, they feel the need for big advertisers to come in to invest money in the language market area

e4m by Abid Hasan
Updated: May 3, 2013 7:33 PM
Consumer pull & advertiser push make regional mkt attractive: Experts

The growing importance of regional media – both print and television – has been a topic of discussion at various forums, with industry experts joining the chorus of ‘regional is the new national’.

However, there are some ground realities to consider. Different language markets perform differently, and the revenue model too performs in a different manner in regional markets. Experts feel that while regional is emerging as a strong market, consumers too need to do their bit to develop the market. Advertisers will come only when there is interest among the consumers, experts say.

Sharing his views on the expectations from and challenges of regional media, Indranil Chakraborty, COO, Big Synergy said, “I agree that regional is the new national, but the question is how do we take advantage of this growth. If the media industry needs to grow in the regional space, they need to be presented in a language and in a culture that is understood by more and more viewers.”

According to Chakraborty, “Lack of opportunity to do things is a huge problem; regional channels are struggling with some technical and quality content problems. There are very few good content writers in the regional space. The challenge is to provide creative and production support at a lesser cost and attract big level players to invest money in the language market area.”

Punit Pandey, Vice President, 9X Media affirmed, “Our regional channels are doing well both in the terms of revenue and viewership. I believe regional is taking over national.”

Along similar lines, Kavita Sagar, Vice President, SAB Group said, “We are coming back and reinventing the entire process. There is huge amount of pull coming from consumers and the push is coming from advertisers; moreover, broadcasters are ready to take a chance on regional. Now there is need for customers, advertisers and broadcasters to work together and keep moving in a right direction.”

Indranil Chakraborty, Punit Pandey and Kavita Sagar were sharing their views on the topic ‘Is regional the new national?’ at the 7th Annual Focus 2013 conference organised by Assocham in New Delhi on May 2.

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