Women’s Day: Watch content with leading female talent or creators on Amazon miniTV

‘Clean’, ‘Crushed’ and ‘Adulting Season 3’ are some of the top shows

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Published: Mar 8, 2022 3:23 PM  | 3 min read

While we don’t need an occasion to celebrate super-human skills that women possess, International Women’s Day just gives us a chance to applaud them, a little bit louder. Be it any field, women never cease to amaze us with their creative energies and that ‘out of the box’ factor. The entertainment industry too is not aloof from this phenomenon.  

To celebrate the spirit and contribution of women in the entertainment industry, here is a list of path-defining, shows and shorts. The one common factor that binds them all together, is the fact that they all have been created by or feature women in the lead; once again establishing their supremacy, quite seamlessly.

Clean: Written and directed by Zoya Parvin, Clean features highly talented actors Amrita Puri and Aisha Ahmed in the lead. Watch this short film and you will realise why women are better at empathy, understanding human emotions and resolving conflicts like no one else.

Crushed: There is a task at hand for the audiences, we want you to imagine the show without the lead actor - Aadhya Anand in the picture. Yes, it’s impossible to imagine the show without her charm and how seamlessly she binds the narrative throughout the show While the entire cast of this show have delivered brilliant performances but Aadhya is the one around whom the whole narrative pivots and she has done more than justice to this role.

Shimmy: Now we know one of the many reasons for which, the director Disha Rindani was nominated as the Best Director (Critics Choice Awards) for this title The story that touched many hearts, of audiences and critics alike, is a powerful yet sensitive narrative that revolves around the relationship between a father and her daughter as she reaches teenage. This kind of a character of the father and the kind of understanding that he portrays towards her daughter, undoubtedly can only be created by a woman!

Adulting Season 3: Watch this series and you will realise why women are more versatile than men when it comes to showcasing vivid emotions on-screen. The leads of the show viz Aisha Ahmed and Yashaswini Dayama not only entertain us with their brilliant timing but also breathe life into the subtle yet strong bond of friendship

A small article can’t do justice to what women bring to the table, but at least, these shows and shorts will give you another chance to appreciate the women and their undying spirit, on International Women’s day. The cherry on the cake is the fact that all these shows can be streamed for absolutely free on Amazon miniTV, within the Amazon shopping app.


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