“The Indian market is phenomenally dynamic”

Project Worldwide APAC’s Mike Amour and Rasheed Sait of GPJ India talk about the India growth story, growth strategy and plans for 2013

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Updated: Dec 21, 2012 7:03 PM
“The Indian market is phenomenally dynamic”

Mike Amour, CEO of Project Worldwide Asia Pacific region and Rasheed Sait, Vice President and Managing Director, GPJ India talk about the India growth story, growth strategy and plans for 2013 

Please take us through your India plans for 2013 and your expectations from India operations towards contribution to the overall growth in the APAC region?
Mike: India is the most important market in our region; India and China are really the two driving markets for us for Asia Pacific, we have made tremendous strides under Rasheed’s leadership and top management team in the last two years from a organic perspective we have had substantial growth in our Bangalore base and now we have a base in Mumbai as well, we are looking to repeat that in Delhi over next year. From an organic perspective we will continue to broaden our client base into other verticals and from an inorganic perspective we will look at partnerships and acquisitions in different areas.

Digital will be a key focus for us.  India continues to be a very important market for investment for us.

The Indian market is phenomenally dynamic; we are here at the right time, and some of the areas we are already established in some we are looking to establish ourselves we will do so, at the right at the right pace.

Globally and in India you have acquired companies and have been on the fast track – what is your growth strategy and the target you are looking at the end of the year, if you answer that specific to India too?
Mike: We are in a lot of conversations for partnerships as well as acquisitions. The plan is to continue our solid organic growth as well as to identify at least one or two partners; Asia Pacific is top priority for the organiSation for development and acquisition. We are very interested in small medium sized business with 50 – 80 people, who have been in existence for about 3 to 4 years and specialists in the areas of our long term vision, strong management, nice people looking to take their business to the next level with a good book of clients complimentary to ours and realistic about of their company’s worth. 

Rasheed: In India; we have had steady growth in the last 10 years , from 2010 to 2011 we have had a 100% growth, 2011- 2012 we have had a 40% growth and from 2012-2013 we have forecast a growth of 89% , a lot of this is going to come from markets like Mumbai and Delhi .

Our people growth has been 60 to 70%. Every GeorgePJohnson office has a digital component; audience registration is the other important service we have launched last year.  Our clients wanted us also to contribute to bring the right audience for events, database, marketing the event , offline and online integration , all GPJ offices have account planners across 30 offices worldwide , we call it strategy plus planning.

Our clients see tremendous value in this. The leads that you get will depend on getting the right people and giving them the right experience.

What also helps is we are very nimble and flexible as a company, there is no bureaucracy, and it is very easy to get things done

The year 2012 was seen as a slow year for the Indian media and advertising industry – what was your experience?
Mike: In Asia Pacific it has been a mixed year depending on which geography you are standing in and which client base you have. But overall as a company we are growing steadily, we have solid expectations from 2013 both globally and in India, we are very optimistic. We have very clear targets in the last 24 months in Asia Pacific, we have doubled the size of the business this has consequences we have to make sure our management is able to sustain the growth, besides that we are at the mercy of governments and natural disasters.

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