MarTech: Build your omni-channels to find the best solutions, says Apoorv Durga

Durga, Research Director & Analyst, Real Story Group, on how to explore key technology that can help build an omni-channel marketing stack and more

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Published: Aug 26, 2019 9:14 AM  | 3 min read
Apoorv Durga

Apoorv Durga, Research Director & Analyst, Real Story Group, addressed a session 'Best Practices to Evaluate Technologies and Vendors for Your Omni-channel Marketing Needs' at MarTech 2019.

He spoke about how to distinguish among features, architectures, cost, and ecosystems, how to underpin your marketing strategy with the best-fitting tools for your needs and how to explore key technology pieces that can help you  build an omni-channel marketing stack .

Durga began talking about martech market place, emphasising on how it is evolving rapidly and suggesting ideas towards the scope of simplifying the process. He highlighted ideas gathered from customers about what the core pieces of the martech should be while showcasing them with a graphic to include few categories like web content management, digital asset management, marketing execution and relationship management kept in one set. The next set included customer data platforms, journey orchestration engines, operations hubs, all these being some newer technologies which are seeing traction these days for exploring newer things in marketing technology. 

Durga mentioned suite vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, who provide solutions across platforms. “Customers think that these suite vendors provide end to end solutions to all their problems, but we have a different take on it. Our research shows that there is nothing like end-to-end solutions platforms. Most of the suite vendors have acquired these platforms to provide multiple solutions. Thus under one umbrella there are a bunch of different products which are not well integrated. So you need to build your omni-channels to find the best of solutions. You should plan together to use additional resources to use them in a way you want to.”

Durga referred to stack model architecture and said the silo models are more enterprise-centric rather than customer-centric, wherein the data gets stuck in back-end repositories and thus it is inaccessible and not actionable. So with these kind of stack models it is difficult to create customer experiences. Thus, we need to rethink the stack model and need to remove the silos in terms of data and user experiences.

Talking about enterprise foundation services, Durga said," There are four services which are essential to build omni-channel stacks. First, customer data platforms, which help doing 360 degree customer segmentation, second, journey orchestration and decision making is about traffic management. Third, omni-channel content hub is about publishing content and to manage all this kind of a cockpit you need a fourth, an operation hub. So you need to split your martech services based on the suggestions and concerns.”

Moving on to the next set of best practices which are very relevant to digital marketing Durga said, "First is to focus on what makes you unique, second, use a scenario-based approach for selection instead of functionality-based, third, don't believe in vendors hype evaluate yourself, fourth invest low and simplify high i.e simply your top layers.”

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