e4m Conclave South: Reoriented our sales team to be fashion consultants: Vishak Kumar

CEO, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle (MF&L), a business unit of Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. (ABFRL), spoke on the topic 'Emotional Connect – A Retail Perspective' at e4m Conclave South

by exchange4media Staff
Published - Dec 1, 2018 10:01 AM Updated: Dec 1, 2018 10:01 AM
Vishak Kumar

The exchange4media Conclave - South in Bangalore kick-started with the Keynote Address by Vishak Kumar, CEO, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle (MF&L), a business unit of Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. (ABFRL), who spoke on the topic 'Emotional Connect – A Retail Perspective'. 

Watch the session here and scroll down to read:

Kumar delivered his session like a dialogue rather than a lecture, and interacted with the audience. Keeping in mind the theme of the event, Emotional Connect & the Distracted Consumer', he asked few questions to the audience such as 'how many of you have used their phones in the last 10 minutes?', 'how many have opened their phones within 10 minutes of waking up?', and 'seen your phone at least 50 times a day?’ The audience agreed in unison to which Kumar explained that we are all living in a fairly distracted world. 

"According to the online business, if your page does not load in 3 seconds you have lost 40 per cent of your consumer. Most of you have clients who get distracted within a minute you start speaking with them. Attention span has come down. So how do you deal with all this?” questioned Kumar. 

With the help of an audiovisual, Kumar deciphered that humans have always been distracted since time immemorial, and that today only the medium of distraction has changed, which is the mobile phone. "Large part of our business today is taking place on the phone. People are buying products on the phone. One in every 10 shirts we sell are through e-commerce websites," said Kumar.

Kumar shared few efforts that have worked for the retail business at Madura. "We had to dramatically strengthen Customer Intimacy. There was a time when we responded to the SMS messages that came from marketers. Today there's no way you can. What matters is how intimate you are with your customer. We have reoriented our entire sales team to be fashion consultants. There were sales target where we created something called as the Club of Hundred wherein the idea was to see how many of our staff members could know at least 100 customers by name and face. In today's cluttered world, a real human connect is the most endearing thing for us," he said.

The second effort was to Personalise. “There are customers who want to be recognised for who they are. For one of our brands, Simon Carter, we created a program called the 'Friends of Simon'. The effort required in this program was to fine tune according to your customer requirements such as monogram your initials on the cuff,” said Kumar.

The third effort was Customer Segment wherein Madura Fashions built a client telling App. “As soon as a customer entered the store, our representatives would know all about the customer. From what size he wears and fit he prefers everything is known. It also gives information on customer experience and customer history so that we are prepared for our customer,” explained Kumar. 

Kumar said you have to make your physical shop into an online store. He explained how they Personalise the Product; create a product that is uniquely for you. And the product will be delivered to you at home in four days. “We have 1 lakh delighted customers with Van Heusen today who would not buy any other brand,” informed Kumar.

Kumar says it is important to create a delightful experience for a distracted customer. He says brands should keep their content snackable. The company’s Peter England campaign which was aired on Hotstar during this seasons' IPL tournament garnered 80 million views. He concluded with a quote that explained how we are moving from a world where the true scarce commodity is human attention.

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