Brands should not try to create positioning; be what you are: Rahul Agarwal, CEO & MD, Lenovo India

In his keynote speech at Pitch Top 50 Brands, Agarwal spoke about the importance of listening to customers, understand their mindset, being authentic and more

e4m by Dolly Mahayan
Updated: Jul 7, 2017 8:13 AM

A renowned personality in the field of marketing, Rahul Agarwal, CEO and Managing Director, Lenovo India, took on the mantle of the keynote speaker at the 7th edition of Pitch Top 50 Brands.Agarwal touched upon various topics ranging from how consumers are getting distracted in this digitally enabled world tohow difficult it is to engage with them.

Most know that Agarwal took charge at a time when Lenovo was gearing up for its next phase of growth, diversifying PCs into smart connected devices. “When Lenovo came to India, nobody knew much about it and people thought it’s just a cheap Chinese product. But with time, people have seen that it is a very well-known brand in the market,”said Agarwal.

Agarwal believes that if a brand needs to succeed then its first priority should be the consumer; however, to build a good consumer experience is always a challenging task. You always need to work from out of the box, only then you will be able to build a good reputation with your consumers. I have myself experienced it, “Customers don’t really care for you as a brand, they care about their needs and what they want, they care about gratifications and about their experience with the product,” he said.

Advances in technology and communication combined with the explosive growth in the data and information, have given rise to a more empowered and knowledgeableconsumer, whichmakes them more powerful in the whole process, added Agarwal.

“Right from the beginning of our journey and till now, we have seen a lot of competition, which were better than us. Some people liked our product and some didn’t but as a team we decided to reach out to people, listen to their queries and try to convert negative emotion into a positive one. We have reached out to seven million customers till now through Facebook Live Chat and other modes,”says Agarwal.

In conclusion, Agarwal gave a few pointers to the marketers present at the event. “Now the time has come to redefine the role of the CMO.We should all break out of the traditional mould and enable the CMO to build a solid customer experience.”Another point that he emphasised on was that a marketer or an organisation should always first understand a customer’s mindset. “In an environment of clutter and distractions it is important to understand a customer’s journey and their needs,” he said.

Agarwal advised that if brands want to stay relevant in today’s changing times, then they need to be authentic towards their customers.“A brand should not try to create positioning; be what you are,” concluded Agarwal.

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