Brands should be aware about customers’ interests: Piyush Gupta, President, Kestone

Piyush Gupta, President of Kestone, discusses about the solution they give marketers to enhance their services

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Updated: Aug 9, 2017 8:20 AM

Kestone, an integrated marketing platform, helps brands to boost their sales through effective marketing methods. In an interview with exchange4media, Piyush Gupta, President of Kestone, shared his views on how they provide best solutions to brands to make sales and marketing plans work optimally. Edited Excerpts:

What disruption is Kestone bringing in the marketing domain?

We have built our entire portfolio on the basis that you tell us about your product or service and we will tell you which market to go, we provide sales people who can actually go out and sell your product. Kestone helps brands and start-ups to boost their sales by experiential marketing, tele-marketing, digital marketing and content marketing.  Our business guys are becoming consultants so that they understand the clients’ business more than anyone else.

So, basically we have total solutions for the sales and marketing of a product and all of this happens backed by strong technology.  If you look at our training business, we built an app which has a pre- loaded contact and tells how to sell the product better and hardly costs Rs 100-200 per person per month and you can avail rich content.

You have been around 24 years in the organisation, could you describe the changes you have seen in the last five years in the marketing domain?

I think it is still in the process where people are trying to figure things out. As you may see, digital has come out in a big way in the last five years, but honestly everyone talks about digital but still they are not aware of how to fix RIO in it, it is a myth in people’s minds that go with digital and things will work out but in reality things don’t happen like this. If you look back five years, marketing was only about building a brand. Due to the internet, digital has become stronger and they are trying to balance both digital and physical connect. Earlier the market was more general and now it has become customisable because nowadays individual data is available in the market.

In this time of information overload, does a customer have enough time to go through messages and consume it?

The good thing is consumption has become fully mobile. So, people now are able to consume a lot of data than they did five years back. The important thing is how you are breaking through the clutter. A brand should always do research, ask what consumers are interested in and then make content which helps you in breaking the clutter.

Video content is another key thing because the consumption of content on video is more these days.

As a marketer what kind of content is more consumed or targeted. Is it video only?

It is not only video content but somehow it is consumed more, but that does not mean you can have a video for 25 minutes. If you look at data it says 3-minute video content is best to consume. It has become a trend where marketers are trying to make a whole piece viral.

Any plans on what Kestone will focus on in the next couple of years?

First is integrated piece and second is technology to make sure we are the most technology driven organisation in terms of marketing and sales. We have seen that with technology we are able to give ROI to our clients and now we are moving towards a performance driven world.  Third is that we are focusing on IPs, we have already built two IPs, one in the youth space and another on innovation. We are working on a few more and we are very sure that it is not a two year plan but a five year plan that we have put in place.

Which is the most effective medium according to you? Is it print, digital, television or outdoor that provides the most relevant content in India?

As an organisation I would not pick one, that won’t be fair. It is really about who needs what. Everyone is talking about outdoor dying but there are certain brands whose sales will not be up if they will not use outdoor, for them outdoor is the key. Then there are brands that only focus on digital.

It is a very difficult market, you can’t say what is good and what is not, for a B2B brand you have to do a lot of digital but same does not apply to the B2C, there you have to do print, outdoor, television etc.

What are the trends you foresee in marketing? Do you think there will be any significant changes soon?

 I believe people will understand how to use digital more. As an organisation, we are also trying to understand how to use digital better.  Integration of services and partnership with brands is also another thing which we can see in the near future.

What will be three suggestions you would share with marketers to make a campaign more particular, targeted and effective?

One thing I must say, brands should always understand the customer. You can’t decide market plans by sitting in a conference room. The market environment is so fast that sometimes you don’t know what is trending. It is important to talk to customers and know what they are buying, brands should know about customer’s interests. 


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