Once upon a time in Goafest - Priti Nair: Goafest 2013

The Co-founder of Curry-Nation takes a look at Goafest from a ‘fairy tale’ point of view

e4m by Priti Nair
Published: Apr 6, 2013 8:54 PM  | 3 min read
Once upon a time in Goafest - Priti Nair: Goafest 2013

Once upon a time, on a nice breezy and cool wintery day, when the sun had hidden his head behind the cloud, a bunch of really sweet, nice, generous people decided to gather together on a beautiful beach.

They were all like-minded human beings, all doing the same selfless thing. And on this day, they thought it was time to reward themselves for all the hard work and effort they had put into everything they had been doing.

And why not? After all, they had spent the whole year growing business and fulfilling ambitions that they were being paid for.

So, they carefully choose a time when the summer had said good bye and a wonderful weather smiled at them. And they all came with hearts filled with pure intent of applauding and celebrating great work, nothing else.

The youngsters were eager to learn and absorb and actually meet the people who had built this huge world for them. The legends who had made their work so powerful that the world had taken notice of their shining. They had come there in full strength. Not just for the booze. Not just to look at the beautiful girls. Not to go out shopping. Or bar hopping. But to learn. And gather all the knowledge so that some day they would shine like these rock stars.

The more experienced, respected elders were there to set an example and to be the leaders up holding what is right. Celebrating the truth.
Through years of being there, these stars had gained the immense vision of the importance of a large heart and an open mind. And it was this vision that made this community special.

This bunch had learnt over the years, not just to be proud of their own individual work, but to also celebrate the work created by others in their community. To support and hold the flag for what is great, even if it is not theirs. And this rare trait is what made them joyous and happy.

In fact, everyone in this celebration had a large heart, no one was there to point fingers and find fault and say black things about their fellow people. This was a strong united fraternity of people that swore unity come what may. And that is why they had become a solid force to reckon with. No one could mess with them cause they were one. And that made them strong.

And that is why they decide that every year they would gather together like this and pat each other on the shoulder, embrace one other and say something nice, from the heart. Cause they know, to enjoy this wonderful fraternity and this wholesome industry, they have to live as whole. And not as parts of a whole trying to make their parts bigger.

They stood for and by each other. And this way they could stand up to any other industry that would come in their way of progress.

Priti Nair is Co-founder of Curry-Nation.

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