FIFA Tracker: India was the most engaged country on FIFA's official Facebook page

As per social media insights put together by Maxus Insights-Radian6, flourishing Facebook brand pages from India were Nokia, Reliance Industries, Sunsilk, and Aircel, while Coke & Sony made waves on Twitter

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Updated: Jun 26, 2014 7:58 AM
FIFA Tracker: India was the most engaged country on FIFA's official Facebook page

FIFA World Cup 2014 seems not only an interesting contest between countries, matches, teams and players, but also a contest of audience viewership and engagement numbers. This quadrennial edition of the game is slated to reach 100 million viewers in the country and burgeoning social buzz builds the testimony for it.

As per social media statistics and insights put together by the Maxus Insights team, in partnership with Radian6, the inaugural week of the tournament garnered a cumulative social conversation buzz of approximately 4.75 lakh plus mentions, with Twitter emerging as a numero uno social platform to broadcast, trend and share information.  

(Estimation based on trackable sources).

Interestingly, The Social Buzz volumes were highest across late evening (2000-2359) and early morning hours (0000-0359). These time stamps reflected that in GEC dominant households, football enthusiasts were consuming live match streams during the prime time band and this consumption stretched onto odd hours. This gives an indication of the dual screen or multi-screen scenario and an opportunity for marketers to harness this evolving consumption pattern.

A moderate yet a significant amount of social buzz volumes were tracked across noon or mid-day hours. Delving into the social buzz it was figured that a sizeable amount of audience followed Match Highlights and some even record odd hour matches to view it in day time. With convergence of multiple mediums and formats of feed, the line between online & on-TV viewership seems to be blurring.

During the week, highly engaging & conversing matches were Brazil vs Croatia, Spain vs Netherlands and Germany vs Portugal. Neymar, the Brazilian forward striker emerged as a popular and resonating player among FIFA enthusiasts in the country. Looking at the match trends & hashtags (#) associations, it is evident that certain teams, players and brands have higher equity in the tournament across all the participants; a point crucial for marketers focusing on Football advertising & looking forward to execute mid-course strategy corrections.

The official Facebook page of FIFA World Cup 2014 garnered overwhelming response with fan base growth of approximately 36 per cent & conversing rate of 28 per cent during the tracked week. Above all numbers, the most engaged nation on the page was India followed by Indonesia on number two and United States on number three.  Beyond the FIFA World Cup, some of flourishing Facebook brand pages from India were:  Nokia India (+ 120k new likes), XOLO Mobiles (+106K new likes), Reliance Industries (+150K new likes), Sunsilk (+400K new likes), Aircel India (+120k new likes), etc.

Match highlights over the week on social platforms:


Match Day Social Reactions Details
DAY 1 Mixed Reactions and sentiments garnered for the Opening Ceremony. Understanding of the Context & Characteristics of the Event/Game is crucial before building on any branded content. The concept of pre-match show Café Rio & Involvement of Gaurav Kapoor disgruntled the football enthusiast and they actively derided the show format. It seems like FIFA was looked through the IPL lens.
DAY 2 SHOFIE is the new SELFIE

Selfie Syndrome captivates minds of people, brands and broadcasters but with a twist. With onset of FIFA a
Derivative of Selfie---#SHOEFIE seems to be gaining steam. From aligning contest to sharing limited edition FIFA sportswear, the idea of clicking Footwear can turn out to be a cult in forthcoming days of the tournament.

DAY 3 Spain & Netherlands hog conversation Buzz surrounding dramatic match between Spain and Netherlands sustained itself for an extended 12 hours over the next day; an early indication that certain teams, players and matches will rule the audience mindshare across the tournament.
DAY 4 Sponsor plug takes precedence #OpenHappiness (Coca-Cola) resonated strongly amongst people following FIFA matches online & on-ground. Exhilarating & popular match movements were highlighted using the Hashtag.

Social sentiment around players as fans show support on Hashtags

Buzz around hashtags such as “#Messi”, “#Ronaldo”, “#Muller”, “#Pepe” showed that conversations not only hover around teams as a whole but, activities & match events around SPECIFIC players draws a large amount of
  Bollywood buzz reacts to FIFA 2014

engagement plus talkability in the social universe.

Bollywood riding on the FIFA fervor! Substantial Social Buzz sparked off around #RanbirVsArmaan, endorsing an upcoming Bollywood flick-Lekar Hum Deewana Dil corroborated that the Bollywood sphere holds a firm presence amongst the Indian football community online.

Interesting Contest Seeding @FIFA2014


FIFA Supporters STUMPED..!!!

a) #WorldCupOnBRAVIA, Join the FIFA Carnival with Sony India and Win Big!
b) #VibeTheGoal movement initiated by Viber India to provide support to YUWA (NGO for helping young girls in Jharkhand through football) received great response amongst online crowd.

Scheduled Cricket match between India & Bangladesh gathered Social Buzz (#IndVsBan) and interesting live match proceedings were being related to the FIFA on-ground fervor.
DAY 7 The Best of Both Worlds!! #ClingOnToFootball by Castrol Activ gained social buzz by uniting Bollywood & Football through their online show.  Celebrity Football Fans like Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham actively participated with the most diehard Indian Football aficionados in discussing the tournament and the sport at large.


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