GUEST ARTICLE Piyush Pandey's start as Account Supervisor... Chintamani Rao goes down memory lane

Advertising Agencies Agency of India awarded Piyush Pandey the Lifetime Achievement Award 2010. That felicitation took place on August 13 in Mumbai, and was lauded by the industry's best. Industry veteran Chintamani Rao, who heads R K Swamy Media Group/ Media Direction, writes on his experiences with Piyush Pandey, and the path that Pandey took to the stars.

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Updated: Aug 16, 2010 8:25 AM
GUEST ARTICLE  <br>Piyush Pandey's start as Account Supervisor... Chintamani Rao goes down memory lane

Piyush was a young Account Supervisor working with me on, amongst others, Hindustan Lever.

We had a brief from Lever on Sunlight Detergent Powder, on which we were overdue on the response. Young Piyush, meanwhile, was itching. He came to me one morning with a rough script he’d written while riding the chartered bus from Andheri to Churchgate. Not only was the script spot on, but back in the day when all advertising was written in impeccable English by Stephanians (Piyush is one, too) and Xavierites and translated into Indian languages by freelancers, he had written it in – lo and behold – Hindi!

We were running out of time and we had a solution in hand so, like a good account guy, even at the risk of annoying Suresh Mullick, I told Piyush to go ahead. He developed that script and two others, and off we went to present them.

Sanjay Khosla (now a big cheese at Kraft) was the client. He liked the scripts, and approved them, but was curious. Never before had the agency presented a script in anything but English. He asked who had written the scripts, and we shuffled our feet and mumbled something about this new guy we had. Sanjay had his suspicion, but was too mature to push us.

We then went and confessed to Suresh. Instead of being upset, he set about guiding Piyush to refine the scripts and supported him to go all the way to making the three films for Sunlight.

And that, boys and girls, is how Piyush wrote and made his first ads, as an Account Supervisor.

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