New campaign a conscious call to move away from emotional genres that most ads adopt: Aarti Iyer, Head of Marketing, Unibic Foods

The premium cookie brand believes in strong product awareness and innovative marketing plans to move its way up the ladder

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Updated: Sep 15, 2017 8:45 AM

Unibic Foods, a premium cookie brand, which is in its nascent years compared to the other big players in this sector, has been seen doing extensive marketing activities during the recent years. Aarti Iyer, Head of Marketing of the brand talks about their future strategy. Excerpts:

You were into entrepreneurship before holding the current position about nine months back. How has this transition been?

I did get into entrepreneurship because at one point a lot of people told me about doing marketing for start-ups. From the year 2009 to the end of 2016, I had been doing that. Also, I had set up my shop in Chennai and many opportunities that could have opened up had sort of moved out of the city. Even the bigger corporates were moving out of there. The set up was large and the challenges were humungous. So I wanted to give this a try.

Unibic has been getting extensive media coverage recently, from roping in Shruti Haasan as brand ambassador to getting in new a creative agency. Please comment.

Shruti Haasan came on board as brand ambassador of Unibic because we thought her image fits well with the brand. Recently, we had to change our agency. This was just done to bring in some freshness. We would like to be different and unique. We have introduced a campaign in July called Ubu translating to Unibic and You.

We have also introduced a fun loving and quirky mascot. This was a conscious call to move away from all the emotional genres that most advertisements adopt. What goes with our cookie is that we have lots of everything. The brand is vibrant so we keep doing something new every year. The character is made of cookies and is appealing to all age groups. The line we’ve used in all the ads here is, ‘Wow! Too much’.

Unibic has several competitors. How have you tried to differentiate yourself from the rest?

We focus on premium cookies and we do have a fair amount of market share in that. This differentiates us. The product by itself is also very different compared to others. On the innovation front, we keep trying to do something new all the time. There are some big ideas for this year as well which I can’t disclose right now. Going ahead, we are planning to launch something in the healthy snack sector. Our objective is also to offer good taste. Also, we would like our target audience to associate Unibic with our campaign Ubu. 

Tell us about your marketing mix.

So far, the company has been focussing a lot on television. More than 50 per cent would be on television. As a FMCG brand, you can’t avoid it. You need to keep that brand awareness on. Having said that, we are also looking at shop branding. Television takes care of brand awareness but digital acts like a reminder medium for the masses. We also have a packaging range that you’ll be seeing soon. We do focus a lot on events too.

Recently you announced that you plan to now also focus on the North.

Initially, we focussed a lot on the southern markets but now we plan to get into the north region as well. We are doing a couple of marketing initiatives right now like movie theatre activities in PVR, Delhi NCR where they will be playing our commercials. We are also focussing on store branding. Investment in the North is heavy compared to the South. We’re also tying up with local channels which people watch there.

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