"The mobile medium is a 'Brahmastra' for a marketer"

The future of the medium lies in not just how we use the algorithm & automation, but how creatively we use the medium to capture the consumer's heart, says Mandeep Singh, MD, Brandtone

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Updated: Jan 10, 2014 9:52 AM
"The mobile medium is a 'Brahmastra' for a marketer"

We are witnessing metamorphosis in marketing, especially in consumer sector. Consumerism is evolving and consumers are involving. Consumer is spoilt by choices available for him, as he is well informed. He does research, compare, share and accordingly make up mind or change mind.

No longer is marketing transactional as it is evolving, to be more engagement driven. While we speak on engagement, we can no longer be confined to mass communication to all sets of consumers. One size fits all theory of marketing is passé. Welcome to the world of customisation for the consumer, who has the ability to splurge, provided marketer shows him the value, I repeat, show him. To show him the value, marketers need to know him. Thus, to know your consumer, you gotta have his kundli…in marketing language we term it, consumer insight.

The modern marketer is witnessing conventional brick and mortar companies going digital in a big way and there is no escaping the digital marketing tsunami. With the advent of the mobile phone, the attention span of the target audience has shrunk even further. Getting consumers to notice your brand is a Herculean task. The customer needs to be constantly educated about the brand. The marketer needs to weave the story in such a way that the customer is the protagonist in the story being told. The audience that is generated by marketing efforts over a period of time feeds the sales funnel. Hence, driving traffic to your brand is a big challenge that the marketer must readily take head on! All this is possible if marketer makes relentless effort to become a pandit that sketches kundli of his consumers.

Mobile is the first screen in our day to-day life. Before we read newspapers, watch TV or listen to radio, we look at mobile screen, the most personal and powerful screen. It is now an integrated screen – read newspapers, listen to radio, watch TV or browse Internet on mobile. Further, a mobile phone is not just a device to talk or send messages. It is a “Brahmastra” for a marketer, which can help him not only to create “grahak ki kundli”, but also engage with him on on-going basis after drawing valuable insights from kundli. As planetary movements happen and dasha in kundli changes, mobile can help understand such changes in consumers’ purchase patterns and buying behaviour.

400+ million unique consumers use mobiles and 80+ per cent mobiles in India are feature phones. Using mobile marketing effectively, without annoying consumers, can help marketer to profile their consumers. Leading global organizations offer consumer engagement solutions using mobile phones. Such solutions are agnostic of type of handset, type of network, telecom circle of consumer, language one speaks, etc. Once insights are gathered, brands can channelise their marketing spends highly effectively and constantly stay engaged with permissioned profiles. Here one can witness highly effective marketing wherein, brands can choose to engage differently with different type of consumers, using insights gathered. Here marketing can become highly personalised. A loyalist needs one type of handling and switcher needs different type of engagement. Now, no blind moves. Power lies with a marketer on how to tackle whom.

We can see emerging trends in favour of mobile marketing and that too not just to gather phone numbers by running missed call campaigns but by deploying highly sophisticated and targeted campaigns to gather insights and use these insights to commission personalised marketing. There are various reasons why mobile is becoming preferred marketing medium – it is a first and very personal screen; it is a two way medium; easy to measure efficacy and ROI of mobile marketing campaigns; cost effective medium; sheer and size and reach of mobile phones makes it a compelling proposition, and many more.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council predicts Mobile Relationship Marketing (MRM) will globally transform the marketing mix and enable brands to “Engage at Every Stage” of the consumer lifecycle. Operationalizing MRM will help companies across multiple industries maintain continuous customer touch and interaction, sustained support and service, closer and more dependent connectivity, as well as greater insight and intimacy. MRM has vast potential to create business value, improve process efficiency, trigger product consumption and use, further loyalty and repeat purchase, as well as increase customer feedback, assistance, affinity and advocacy.

It’s worth knowing that 52 per cent of 122 marketers surveyed by Luth Research say that mobile marketing brings in more ROI than traditional marketing methods because they felt that it increased brand awareness (39 per cent), attracted new customers (39 per cent), retained customers (37 per cent), increased average spend (35 per cent) and purchase frequency (30 per cent), and even win back customers (11 per cent).

In December 2013, ZenithOptimedia released a report entitled ‘New Media Forecasts’. The report claims that ‘for the first time in the past 20 years, a new platform is expanding overall media consumption without cannibalising any of the other media platforms’. The report further forecasts that mobile will contribute 36 per cent of all new ad spend between 2013 and 2016, overshadowing even TV (34 per cent) and desktop internet (25 per cent) while leapfrogging radio, magazines and outdoor to become the world’s fourth-largest medium by 2016 globally.

Weave magic of mobile to amplify marketing effectiveness:

• Drive purchase and volume
• Reward for purchasing and getting profiled
• Drive behavior loyalty thru relevant value exchange
• Transform brand engagement through insights and educate using relevant content
• Engage with permissioned profiles on on-going basis.
• Cross-sell and improve throughput/ consumer that drives consumption
• Drive trials
• Target switchers to improve share

I am very confident of the year 2014 ringing bells for consumer engagement and gathering insights using mobile marketing.

Having said that, mobile offers great opportunity to build big data for brands, the future of the medium lies in not just how we use the algorithm and automation, but how creatively and effectively we use the medium to capture the consumer’s heart.

The author is Managing Director of Brandtone.

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