Long flight back from Cannes 2014

Mandeep Malhotra, President, DDB Mudra Group retraces his steps at Cannes 2014 with final impressions on the sessions, India's performance at the awards and the effervescent Gutter Bar

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Updated: Jun 24, 2014 9:43 AM
Long flight back from Cannes 2014

Home work: It’s kind of difficult to master the art of how to do Cannes Lions. But gradually you get the hang of it all.
Expert tips are: Please don’t go on the packaging, do some homework. Search the net and check the content/articulation of the speakers. Attend as many workshops possible and please don’t miss the Directors showcase.
Some sessions surprise you and some disappoint you big time,

While I sit back in my room to still conquer the communication business, I sort of feel emptiness of action at Cannes 2014, seeping in.

Cannes 2014:

Quality of sessions were amazing and what an improvement in usage of technology. People were connecting with each other over apps but not in real. When I got into Cannes last week my desire was to learn “ Human intervention in the era of technology dump,” would have loved to meet one person walk by the water, just about the time when sun would be setting in. Just to know someone better. But hey was everyone working on connecting with humans or were people working on connecting on social platform? Mobile has done one thing for sure, brought the ones who were away, closer and the one who are closer away.

Did I get the answer? No not really, at least not entirely. But my key take out in the perceived superficial business was:

1)   You never become creative by sitting on a beanbag, so stand up and start experimenting. Doesn’t matter if you are a client or agency or media platform, just get up and do it. Commit yourself for a cause/campaign/idea and then figure out how to make it work.

2)   Stop being in the big game. Be in the effective game. Even if it is one guy’s life you effect.

3)   We all are artists but only few of us should exhibit. Understand skillsets of teams and appreciate them for their skill. Don’t push but encourage learning more.

4)   Loyalty in relationships. This is very important from a pure procurement point of view, a question bothering me over and over again.  Please remember there are “ NO FACTS ON THE FUTURE.”

5)   Please surround yourself with people who make you feel really stupid. You will learn the most and finally be an effective leader.

My quest for finding an answer for human intervention in the era of technology still goes on, but I will use “technology for humanity”

Awards: I was kind of disappointed with quality of work winning this year. Some pieces of work touched my heart and aroused my mind, but hey you can’t have all senses being affected every time. From India I think we should STOP selling Mother India for awards. We as a country are smarter and better, more enriched in resources and thoughts, let’s win on positives. Most of work is addressing emotions. India is not as poverty driven as we make it look on such forums. We all have our share of PRIDE and GOOD WORK. Let’s make that as a country representation. Let’s take baby steps. Can we all just start sitting together at award shows or just fight for India rather than agencies. I for sure think “Acche din aate nahi hai, lane padte hai.”

Post attending sessions like a student, taking notes, it was time to hit the gutter Bar.

Gutter bar:
I just love the gutter bar. Some of us make it the quarter bar.
So here is the update post a day full of Rose/wines/cheese and lets catch up in the evening at the gutter bar.

“What’s up” “We have to meet”  “Let’s work together when you get back” or the most hilarious one is “We are doing great work, do you want to join?” None of the offers have materialized in the last four years though.” And all in good spirits, I won’t want to disappoint any that may come my way next year. Or who knows I may be the one using the same “PICK UP LINES.”

Questions from Indian delegates don’t change, but it always is a pleasure to meet them. Strange intuitiveness if you reach the bar before 12, around “no one has turned up yet” then by 1 AM “So many Indians yaar” This innocence is what I love the most. Most of us meeting friends and watching birds, guzzling the drinks down, there always are the few on juices types who hold the fort, to take your roomy home.  People scooping for gossips and exchange of visiting cards are the norms, seldom does anyone remember next day in the morning. The business collaboration plans/ the join my agency plans etc. all get shelved with the rise of the SUN next day in the morning.

Signing off from my diary of Cannes 2014.


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