Bobby Pawar on brands going real-time with Twitter

When dialogue is unfiltered & instant, it brings you closer to the people in the conversation, tweet-blogs the Chief Creative Officer and Managing Partner of JWT India

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Updated: Jun 21, 2012 6:58 PM
Bobby Pawar on brands going real-time with Twitter

#CannesLions #twitter session. I’m supposed to write an article on it. I think I’ll tweet it.

#CannesLions #twitter People around the world, who don’t know each other, are having global conversations around shared experiences and passions.

#CannesLions #twitter Each dialogue in the larger global conversation is a single personal view on the topic.

#CannesLions #twitter When each dialogue is unfiltered and instant, it brings you closer to the people in the conversation. It is emotional.

#CannesLions #twitter The vision of Twitter is to bring people closer. When they do that, you have a front row seat on people’s direct perspective.

#CannesLions #twitter The hash-tag has become a tool to form temporary tribes that gather around campfires of transient shared interests.

#CannesLions #twitter Unlikely connections are now possible. You can chat with stars, your heroes who won’t talk to you in the real world.

#CannesLions #twitter Conversation can be a canvas for brands to dialogue their stories.

#CannesLions #twitter Brands have to become real-time brands - which means, be quick to respond to interesting unplanned events.

#CannesLions #Lions A great example, Burberry tweeted pics of their models getting ready just before they stepped out on the ramp at their fashion show.

#CannesLions #Lions Another: When Tide was used to clean up the mess after a pitstop fire, they tweeted a pic and asked users to write a caption.

#CannesLions #twitter Show, don’t tell, is a great twitter principle.

#CannesLions #twitter If your brand is on TV, Twitter can be a second screen that turns the monologue into a dialogue. It’ll deepen the engagement.

#CannesLions #twitter When the motivation to start a conversation is embedded in a campaign you will get greater engagement.

#CannesLions #twitter If you are smart, sometimes the ongoing conversation between people can start your campaign.

#CannesLions #twitter When Cadbury discontinued a brand, people started a conversation about how they missed it. Cadbury got into the act.

#CannesLions #twitter Cadbury jumped into the conversation and assured everyone they would be bringing the brand back.

#CannesLions #twitter You should plan your campaign for the future, but be prepared to adopt and adapt it the moment an opportunity comes.

#CannesLions #twiiter A woman started #wantaR8 and went about to talk about how badly she wanted one. Audi gave her one for the weekend.

#CannesLions #twitter Then they adapted the #wantaR8 and expanded to include the people who were following it and adding to the conversation.

#CannesLions #twitter That’s my article in several instalments of 140 characters. Is it the first article written on Twitter? Hope so. Booyah!

The author-tweeter, Bobby Pawar or @friedfoodbrain is the Chief Creative Officer and Managing Partner of JWT India. Attending the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2012, he was tweet-blogging the session, Twitter-Harnessing the Power of Real-time Connections

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