Noorings: When Mudra welcomed Bobby Pawar to JWT

As Bobby Pawar began his first day at the JWT India office, former company Mudra bid Pawar quite a farewell

e4m by Noor Fathima Warsia
Updated: Jan 12, 2012 11:31 AM
Noorings: When Mudra welcomed Bobby Pawar to JWT

Sometimes, it is the little things in life that make for big conversations. Bobby Pawar joining JWT India as its Chief Creative Officer & Managing Partner is no ‘little’ thing – in fact it is seen as one of the landmark developments of 2012 that one would see the impact of, on the Indian creative industry, in the year.

However, Mudra ensured that as Bobby bid adieu to the agency, Mudra gave him something to remember them by.

On January 11, 2012, which was Bobby’s first day at the JWT office in Mumbai, JWT Mumbai officials were welcomed by an interesting message just outside their office building at Lower Parel. The bridge gantry outside the office displayed the message – Mudra Welcomes Bobby Pawar to JWT.

And that was the little thing that had quite a few admen in Mumbai mentioning ‘Mudra’s parting gift to Bobby’ through the day. I should add the agency had a farewell for Pawar on January 10, 2012, so my guess is Pawar must be expecting something when he was headed to work the next day. But I wonder if he realised this is what Mudra had in mind.

Some industry professionals couldn’t help but notice and comment because their agencies are in that area and the rest caught it on social media platforms. Some called the gesture ‘tongue-in-cheek’, some joked ‘Bobby is already leaving his mark’ and I distinctly remember one of the Creative Directors remark ‘it is so cute!’

I don’t know about the ‘cute’ bit but this was a reminder that Indian admen still know how to have some fun. The ad business too can have its moments, albeit that last for just a day or two, that will become conversation points and stories that would be narrated when newcomers enter this glorious industry.

I believe the idea came from none other than, Bobby’s former colleague and good friend Pratap Bose, COO, Mudra Group. For Bobby, what better way to remind that JWT is the largest agency in India, and the challenge that lies ahead is far more interesting than anything else he would have done so far.

This was also a reminder that JWT India’s A-creative team is now in place and complete and the expectations from the agency have increased multiple-folds with that.

While the year promises to be filed with many interesting stories and anecdotes, all we can say for now is - Good luck Bobby and JWT and Good Luck Mudra!

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