Cannes 2015: My First Day on the Mobile Jury: Sanjay Mehta

"Discussions that happened included points like whether mobile was integral to the particular case or incidental," says Sanjay Mehta, Joint-CEO, Social Wavelength, who is on the Mobile Jury at Cannes 2015

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Updated: Jun 19, 2015 7:56 AM
Cannes 2015: My First Day on the Mobile Jury: Sanjay Mehta

All the stories I had heard, all the things I had read, and after all that anticipation, it was now time for reality, on day one of the jury duties on the Mobile Jury, at Cannes Lions 2015.

We were all up and ready to leave, at 8-30 am, for the Palais de Festivals (where the main Cannes Lions Festival will be held) where we were going to be sitting for our jury duties.

All those words of “no sun now for the next 5 days, as you will be in the conference room for long hours” looked to be real, as we got into the room assigned to us.

The mobile jury was divided into two sub-groups and we were to review about 150 entries in the course of the day.

It being the first day, the day started with a lot of instructions, and introductions.

And then we got going.

Everything was well arranged.

There was guides who had all the entries set up on their PC, the list arranged correctly, and they would play the case films one after another, for us to view. More details beyond the case film were available, should we want to ask for those.

All of the jury members had their judging tab (where we enter the scores after viewing each case video) and a cell phone and an iPad arranged in front of them. The devices were especially for our jury, in case we needed (now, or over the next 4 days) to view any of the apps on a mobile device itself.

After viewing the case film, if there was no discussion required, we would quietly log in our respective votes on the tab provided for the purpose. Else, we would have some discussions, and then get to voting.

Most discussions that happened at this point, included points like whether mobile was integral to the particular case or it was incidental (considering we were in the mobile category). Other discussions were about the submission being suitable for the particular sub-category (within mobile) or not. And the few questions where we were trying to ascertain whether the idea actually happened, whether there were numbers to prove it, or not, etc.

It was all very positive, very constructive discussion, with a lot to value being shared amongst the jurors.

A coffee machine and other refreshments were handy, for one to walk up and constantly refuel oneself, especially considering that many of the jurors had jet lag, and also because repetitive tasks like this, could set mental fatigue!

It was incorrect to say that we would not get to see the sun at all, right through the day. That’s because lunch was outdoors, and we had a nice walk in beautiful weather, to go and get lunch.

Moreover, unlike what were the worst fears, we did not need to go late into the evening, to complete our work for the day. In fact, we finished our lot, about 30 minutes ahead of time, and had a very satisfactory day overall.

In terms of the work that we saw, I am unable to share anything specific just yet, and the evaluation continues. However, what impressed me, were a fair number of AR / VR work including few using the Google Cardboard, Oculus device, etc. There were a few which were full-fledged products created by brands, and some absolutely awesome examples of User Experience. All of these serves to be such amazing inspiration for me.

So a pretty pleasant start to jury work on day one, and all set for day two tomorrow.

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