‘MTV Many Me Project’, is an in-depth research that explores the many facets of youth life - their attitudes, motivations, aspirations and anxieties

exchange4media Staff 02-May-2016

"You are investing so much in marketing, communication and image building, and on the other hand, you are making sure you products are available at half the price on e-commerce portals," says Hemal Panchamia, Marketing Head, Fastrack

Aditi Raval 03-February-2015

The Forum focused on 'The Curious Minds' study that involved conversations with more than 11,000 young people across more than 40 cities

exchange4media Staff 17-April-2014

Cultural shifts have made things easier on some fronts, especially execution, due to the growth of technology, but have also made it difficult for marketers to create content to attract the youth, say industry experts

Kanika Mehrotra 26-December-2013

Deciphering the digital native, Narayanan Madhavan, Senior Editor & Tech Columnist, HT lists trends like variety on steroids, identity unbundling & digital convergence, which marketers need to watch out for

Kanika Mehrotra 19-December-2013

Industry experts feel that 'cool' has nothing to do with functionality, but is totally based on emotions and is something that cannot be manufactured

Abid Hasan 19-December-2013

Youth mktg remains the primary focus & also a challenge for brands in a multi-screen era. Innovation, interaction, content & risk-taking can be crucial for brands to engage the youth, say experts

Twishy 19-December-2013

To create the right communication for today's youngsters, brands need to start listening to them, and cater to their wants & insecurities, says Ravi Dixit, Director, Research and Product Planning, Youth Network, Disney UTV

Priyanka Nair 27-September-2013

According to Ravi Rao, Leader - South Asia, Mindshare, it is essential for brands to stick to the basics, yet create a great line of thought when it comes to communicating with the youth today

Priyanka Nair 20-September-2013

As a youth brand, honesty and care are the two filters that we use to address the young blood, says the EVP and Business Head of MTV India

Priyanka Nair 13-September-2013

If marketers create the right content with engagement, their brand shall witness a multiplier effect, thus making the communication worthwhile, says JK Ansell's Ranju Kumar Mohan

Saloni Surti 11-September-2013

The best way to connect with the youth today is to engage with them, speak their language & care for them, says Ashish Gupta, Director - Mktg, BlackBerry Mobiles

Priyanka Nair 06-September-2013

The Senior VP, Brand Communication Insights, Vodafone India says that youth marketing is no different from general marketing and requires creativity

Saloni Surti 05-September-2013

Experts shared opinion on how brands should effectively reach out to the youth today, over a roundtable discussion organised by IMPACT. It was moderated by Lara Balsara

Shobhana Nair 04-September-2013

The Award is in recognition of the work done by the agency for clients such as Hero MotoCorp, Fevikwik, Sunsilk, Complan, Project Nanhi Kali and more

exchange4media Staff 21-February-2013

College students are a tough crowd for marketers as they ignore traditional media. They do, however, listen to one another, says Ambika Sharma of Pulp Strategy

Ambika Sharma 01-June-2012