Pradeep Guha to continue as INS President

Pradeep Guha to continue as INS President

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Jan 12,2005 7:55 AM

Pradeep Guha to continue as INS President

As reported by exchange4media early last month Pradeep Guha had put in his papers at Times and is joining Zee as CEO in next couple of days. With this new development Guha could have ceased to remain an active member of INS from a member publication. However there was sentiment in the INS members and the industry that Guha with his experience and dynamism can serve the INS still quite well and hence he should continue to be the President of INS for a full term inspite of it not being a part of Times Group in terms of working with them.

In yesterday’s INS executive committee meeting Guha was urged unanimously by the members to continue as INS president. The meeting was also attended by Times Group Managing Director Vineet Jain who attended an INS executive committee meeting after missing last copule of meetings. The meeting saw an outpouring of an overwhelming support to Guha from all executive committee members.

Various executive committee members outlined the difference Guha could make if he continued as the president of the INS, which is why he was elected in the first place. Guha also made an emotional speech about his leaving the Times Group and how it has been a family for him for 28 years. The executive committee members suggested that they would welcome if Times Group let Guha be its nominee through its publication Filmfare.

Some INS members also offered Guha a representation through their publications in case the Times Group was unable to offer a membership to Guha through Filmfare. Interestingly Filmfare is now a part of World Wide Media (WWM) a joint venture between BBC and Times Group for magazines.

The Times Group as a gesture to the industry and in all graciousness in respecting the sentiments of other INS members decided to let Guha continue to be its representative through its publication Filmfare.

The industry is now waiting to see how Guha juggles between his two roles at ZEE and INS.

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