International Kolkata cable operators to offer Net

Kolkata cable operators to offer Net

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 11:25 AM

Kolkata cable operators to offer Net

Distributors of cable television in Kolkata are going ahead with plans for Internet services. The local operators will have to limit their service to the area covered by their cable TV service. RPG Netcom and Zee’s SitiCable, are aiming for independent networks covering the entire city.

The operators aim to implement their Internet business plans by the end of this year. The operators will charge a flat rate for the 24-hour service, which will not require the extra expense of telephone bills.

The monthly subscription will cost less than Rs 1,500. The operator pointed out that a modem-based system leads to telephone bills running into thousands of rupees. However, subscribers of cable TV will not be able to use the same feed to browse the Net via their PCs.

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