India is a great area of focus for us: John Wren, CEO, Omnicom

India is a great area of focus for us: John Wren, CEO, Omnicom

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Sep 19,2011 1:42 PM

India is a great area of focus for us: John Wren, CEO, Omnicom

For many, Omnicom has been a late entrant in India, given that the agency began its standalone agencies only in 2006-07, when other holding companies were already commanding a fair share of the market. For John Wren, CEO, Omnicom, that is a fact that the holding can do little about now.

But Wren is optimistic on Omnicom’s future in India and is investing in that future. Is he happy with the manner in which Omnicom companies have grown in India in the last few years? Replying to exchange4media, Wren said, “I am never satisfied as an individual, even in markets where we are the biggest, I am not unhappy but not satisfied either. We have great people in India, and I would say we made more progress in the last 36 months there than in the period before that. I am really looking forward to what will happen as we move forward – India is a great area of focus not only for me, but for my management team.”

Omnicom’s media business – Omnicom Media Group – which is just over four years old in India, has done well for itself. OMD India has ensured steady and significant wins and the second media agency brand, PHD, is all set to make a foray soon too. Wren is also positive on the creative assets of the company in India and the manner in which they have contributed to Omnicom’s global presence. He observed, “In three years, our agencies have developed relationships with our major multinational clients. BBDO, for example, has done so with Procter and Gamble, Gillette, Pepsi, 7Up, Nimbooz, Quaker Oats, HP, BlackBerry, J&J, Aviva and Wrigley.”

For Wren, the guiding principle is People, Product, Profit. Stating that he had been blessed with the best talent in the industry and the case with India was no different for Omnicom, he pointed out, “Today we have two of the most creative agencies in India -- BBDO and DDB. Both agencies have been the most awarded Indian agencies at Cannes this year. At Spikes last year, BBDO was the most creatively awarded Indian agency. And this year the two agencies lead the nominations at Spikes. Earlier this year, in the first ever awarding of Effectiveness Lions, BBDO India won the first Effectiveness Lion for India. There were only six Effectiveness Lions awarded overall. This only foretells the future of things that we can expect from that market.”

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