EMVIES 2006: Experts excited about event, term it as great platform for media industry

EMVIES 2006: Experts excited about event, term it as great platform for media industry

Author | Shikha Saroj | Wednesday, Jun 21,2006 7:44 AM

EMVIES 2006: Experts excited about event, term it as great platform for media industry

With just a day left for the EMVIES 2006 on June 22, 2006, the media fraternity all agog with excitement. Given the detailed judging procedure, the EMVIES is considered as one of the most effective and coveted awards that recognise excellence across all media categories. As is known, 56 entries were eligible for case studies presentations.

The judges for EMVIES 2006 comprised some of the most prominent industry experts like Anupriya Acharya from Media Edge, Jasmin Sohrabji from MediaCom, Radio Mirchi’s Kaushik Ghosh, Starsight’s Sanjay Shah, Marico’s Saugata Gupta, and Starcom’s Pranay Anthwal.

Commenting on her expectations from EMVIES 2006, Apurva Purohit, EMVIES Chairperson, said, “The level of competition has been quite high for EMVIES 2006. We will see the final results on June 22, which I am sure will be a grand event considering the enthusiastic response from the media industry.”

Ravi Kiran, CEO-South Asia, Starcom MediaVest Group, said, “EMVIES is a great platform. It certainly brings attention to the media product and encourages young people to get recognised as a team. Potentially, it can help improve the overall standard of our output.”

Dainik Bhaskar’s Eric D’Souza said, “The EMVIES is an excellent platform, which has been around for a long time now. Awards like the EMVIES certainly help the industry recognise the best work. However, I think that the awards should focus a little more on the media space rather than only ads and advertising agencies.”

Sanjay Shah from Starsight said, “The work that I judged had some very interesting entries because of using various other mediums to strengthen events. Outdoor also had some good innovations. I would suggest participants to add more specific details in their presentations.”

Radio Mirchi’s Kaushik Ghosh said, “The EMVIES backed by the Ad Club is a great platform. I personally loved the work done by Hutch-Pink and Saffola Jaggu’s Mission 10 K in Radio, while Sangini was outstanding because of the huge connection with cinema lovers. Bluestar stood out in the digital space with its innovative text shaking work. Considering that Bluestar is seen more as a service provider than a consumer-centric brand, they have done some beautiful work digitally.”

Marico’s Saugata Gupta said, “Platforms such as EMVIES encourage industry players to do better work which in turn raises industry standards. The EMVIES is a good platform for the media industry.”

RED FM’s Abraham Thomas is excited about entering the final round. He said, “EMVIES is a benchmark of media and media innovation. What makes it more credible is that it is based on effectiveness rather than only creative ideas. This new campaign has worked for us and we are bullish as we are one of the finalists.”

While everyone in the industry considers EMVIES as a platform for showcasing the best work, there are certain areas that should be taken into consideration.

According to Ravi Kiran, a client and media owner authentication of claims made in entries was a must as there were several entries that took claim for media for what must have been an integrated marketing effort. He asked, “Who is ratifying the claims? Who certifies whether a particular piece of work belongs to an agency? The organisers certainly cannot; they have too much work.”

Kiran believed that every entry in each category should be defined clearly and that the agencies should be told what kind of work could not be entered in a certain category. He said, “In the past, I have seen ready reckoners paraded as tools; simple analysis of syndicated data masquerading as research. That’s like laughing the at awards process.”

“I strongly believe that EMVIES should specifically recognise work in areas of tomorrow such as fundamental exploration of the communication process and how consumers are changing in their response to commercial messaging and work in a discipline that has not yet become mainstream. Mere drilling down of TV ratings to uncover some minor truth must be discouraged as should be repackaging of age old analysis. The awards need to evolve from a focus on one medium at a time. Consumers are media neutral; it’s time our industry became media neutral too,” Kiran further said.

Starcom’s Anthwal was all praise for the EMVIES, calling it a brilliant platform. But at the same time he said that it should also focus on profiling at a larger level.

Commenting on areas of improvement, Purohit said, “While entries in Level 1 should focus on better presentation, there is no complaint on the entries that were judged in Level 2. We had judges who represented the client’s side and this makes it even more important for media agencies to work harder and deliver quality work.”

Commenting on the final day, Purohit promised, “We have recognised the best work across the country. This year’s EMVIES will be an interesting event.”

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