‘AI is helping PR professionals enhance the impact of communication’

In today’s edition of ‘PR Outlook for 2022’ series, Kunal Kishore, Founder-Director at Value 360 Communications, talks about podcasts becoming an important tool for PR professionals

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Published: May 18, 2022 12:16 PM  | 4 min read
Kunal Kishore

To understand the new adaptations taken by the PR Industry, e4m PR and Corp Comm has come up with the ‘PR Outlook for 2022’ series, where PR industry stalwarts share their views on the shift the industry is experiencing towards digitalisation and AI, the transition, current trends, future of the PR industry, and more. 

In this edition, we spoke to, Kunal Kishore, Founder-Director at Value 360 Communications, talks about how the podcast has become an important tool for PR professionals to communicate and how AI is helping in multi-media content distribution.

According to you, what are some of the upcoming trends in the PR industry? What are some of the opportunities and challenges you faced so far in 2022? 

Technological adoption is perhaps the top trend shaping the industry and we have invested heavily in comms tech through ClanConnect. We are also developing new entities that leverage different innovations in communication.

We can expect influencer marketing to become central to all brand communication. We are also witnessing the continued rise of creators, who have proven time and time again that unique, relevant, and engaging content is the most engaging way to reinforce the brand-consumer connection in the digital age.  

Finally, in keeping with the times, the PR segment has embraced more human-centric, meaningful conversations along with long-term associations and purposeful stories. 

The safety of people and business continuity has been the most pressing challenges for all companies since the outbreak of the pandemic. At Value, we are standing by our clients and team members and supporting them in every way we can. 

Almost every organisation heavily leverages the digital medium for industrial activities. How do you see the clients focusing on data customisation? 

Digital platforms have become the native media for brands to reach different, unique stakeholders. PR professionals are looking at data customization to create multiple buckets of digital content using multi-media outlets. For instance, a new B2C brand foraying into India would use data in the form of podcasts, LinkedIn posts, and social media presence to educate customers about its value proposition. On the other hand, a B2B brand would disseminate its technical data through newsletters, white papers, case studies, etc for customers, industry peers, and investors to understand the brand and industry dynamics. Data customization, at the end of the day, boils down to the stakeholders who will consume content. There is no dearth of outlets for brands when it comes to the distribution of messages. The game, now, is all about customizing this information in a way that is most impactful for the end consumer. 

The PR and Communications industry is now making its way in the age of podcasts. What are the advantages that the professionals can garner from the same?  

While podcasts have been around for a while in the marketing landscape, they are now appearing in the PR scene. As brands look to make a mark on the industry through effective PR campaigns, podcasts contribute tremendously as a personalized communication channel that is non-intrusive yet highly impactful. PR professionals are increasingly using podcasts for relation-building, guest spots, engaging discourse, and other activities that put their clients on the map through a well-loved, new-age outlet. 

How do you foresee the future of the PR industry with the usage of Artificial Intelligence? 

AI-driven efficiencies are helping PR professionals in the age of multi-media content distribution. With ever-increasing communication channels, AI will be used to identify the best-suited way of storytelling for different stakeholders and channels. AI is already helping PR professionals enhance the impact of communication. It can also provide effective means to analyse data and strengthen the decision-making process. There are various ways AI can be used in the industry, and we are exploring the possibilities.  

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