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Youth Quotient: "On social, say it first or say it better"

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Youth Quotient: "On social, say it first or say it better"

Eshita Jayaswal started as an Account Manager at Webchutney back in 2009 and today she is the Vice President – Strategic Business of the agency. Before getting into digital marketing, Jayaswal did stints with Hewlett-Packard and Diligent Media Corporation.

In a candid conversation with exchang4media, Jayaswal spoke at length on what she loves about her work, inspirations and her dreams...

How does your typical work day look like?
I get in early (by agency standards) and catch up on news, emails, and check out latest digital work (ours or others’). This is followed by either waiting for the chaos to hit or proactively managing situations wherein chaos seems imminent. On a serious note, working with multiple teams to ensure a client’s brand and/or business objectives are met while keeping colleagues motivated is quite a task. Internal communication and expectation management is nearly as challenging as building trustworthy, long-term relationships with clients. Both these facets take up a significant part of my day, apart from reading, research and a significant amount of tweeting.

What do you love about your work? And what do you dislike?
Things I absolutely love about my work are:
• How dynamic the digital medium is, particularly in India. It’s exciting to work in an industry where going on a week-long holiday would mean missing out on a new social network going mainstream, older ones getting consolidated or new apps getting launched.
• The people in the industry are mostly keen, young minds, identifying opportunities, developing solutions and going beyond the norm peppered with a sense of humour. This is where merit and performance count for more than age or years of experience.
• Working closely with some top-notch brands and being part of a core team that crafts a brand’s experiential journey is highly rewarding for me personally.

Things I dislike about my work are:
• I could take the easy way out and say nothing, but let’s give this question a go. What I truly dislike is the way some marketers like to box digital merely into banners, emailers or “we need to make a viral video like Kolaveri”, when in fact, everything is moving towards digital – from how we shop, watch TV shows, read news, listen to music or participate in events.
Which is that one project you are proud to be associated with?
It’s unfair to pick one single project that has given me the most pride. Nevertheless, two ongoing client relationships that have taught me a lot over the past year or so are with Coca-Cola and Bacardi. See what I did there?

Who is that one digital industry leader you look up to?
This one I can definitely not answer with a single name. There are so many aspects of different leaders that are inspirational. Brace yourselves for a barrage of names (and reasons) Alex Bogusky for all the fantastic work he did when with CP+B. Elon Musk, innovator extraordinaire, and frankly most of the PayPal mafia. Their ideas and stories are the stuff Hollywood flicks are made of.

Mary Meeker, because frankly, most servicing / planning folks await her ‘Internet Trends’ report nearly as eagerly as they would the latest iPhone launch (I said nearly); Seth Godin because his blogs are thought-provoking and he doesn’t mince words; Maria Popova and Mark Duffy (@copyranter) for all the interestingness in technology, culture and ads that they respectively curate and write about. While Maria always puts an optimistic, inquisitive spin on her content, Mark almost always cracks me up with his sarcastic, cynical ad reviewing style and is upping the ante over at Buzzfeed.

Five brands you would want to work with….
While I work with some interesting brands today, one can always dream and there few on wish list...

Nike, ever since it has moved beyond basic digital advertising to actually creating functional digital products and solutions
Uniqlo, because it is ahead of the curve in terms of how it leverages digital in Japan and Europe. It was planning to set shop in India and then decided against it (sigh)
Oreo, because who doesn’t like dunking in the dark
Intel, because it is doing some exciting things on social and succeed in marketing to end consumers despite being a B2B brand
Fastrack, because it doesn’t shy away from experimenting with digital content and has stayed true to its brand values over the years

Five things social media marketing has taught you…
• Talk, but listen just as much
• Successful brands are ‘flawsome’ (awesome with flaws i.e. brands can be human, show humility, empathy, humour, honesty)
• Say it first or say it better. Being first on the internet has its pros, but if you missed the bus, follow quickly with a unique, refreshing take through the brand lens
• ‘Likes’ on Facebook aren’t the absolute social parameter for success. Metrics such as interaction, virality, reach are equally important. Soft metrics such as sentiment, loyalty, brand love count for a lot too
• Mix it up, experiment with different content categories and formats, have fun with the brand (within a pre-defined framework, of course)

If you wouldn't have been in digital marketing, what do you think you would be doing?
It’d be difficult to keep me away from digital marketing. I’d probably be an animal rights activist, which would lead me to blogging about animal rights, but then I’d be doing something digital. Alternatively, I could also be part of a marketing team in a tech start-up because that’s the kind of environment I would thrive in, but then again I’d be doing something remotely digital. This question has me going in circles, good job exchange4media!

Where do you see yourself five years down the line?
For starters, I see myself in the country (no brain-drain scenario here), working closely with brands with tremendous potential on whatever-we-will-call-digital-in-five-years. Or I could be at the beach with a strawberry daiquiri, a Terry Pratchett and some mellow house beats, who knows. Cheers to that!

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