Amazon India’s ‘Kya Pehnu’ campaign addresses fashion dilemma?blur=25

Speaking about the new campaign, Manish Kalra, Director Integrated Marketing, Amazon India said, “The concept of the campaign is primarily driven by real life consumer insight ‘Kya Pehnu’. Whenever we have to attend an important occasion we need to present our best. Be it a job interview, a wedding, business dinner, a date or anything that we hold important in our lives, the question that comes first to every individual’s mind is ‘WHAT DO I WEAR?’ or Kya Pehnu? It’s the ultimate fashion dilemma! Amazon Fashion with its wide and fashionable selection acts as a solution to this fashion dilemma faced by the customer. The brand acts as an enabler to turn a moment of dilemma into a moment of joyous celebration.”

Sarmistha Neogy Dec 15, 2015 9:12 AM

Amazon India allays fears of hesitant customers in its latest TVC?blur=25

The campaign 'Try Toh Kar' conceptualised by Orchard Advertising, addresses the fears and inhibitions of customers who may have reservations about online shopping

Sarmistha Neogy Sep 25, 2015 8:04 AM