Supreme Court?blur=25

On 1st October, the apex court had refused the request of IBDF and other broadcasters for interim relief and listed the matter before the appropriate court for final disposal on 30th November

exchange4media Staff Nov 30, 2021 4:14 PM

Punit Goenka?blur=25

Under NTO 2.0, channels that are priced above Rs 12 cannot be part of a bouquet, and so, big broadcasters have removed their driver channels out of bouquet and priced them above the cap of Rs 12

Javed Farooqui Nov 19, 2021 8:51 AM


From the fear of consumer backlash to UP elections, reasons why the regulator granted four months' time to the industry, according to stakeholders

Javed Farooqui Nov 12, 2021 8:29 AM

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) l?blur=25

As per the implementation plan, the DPOs will have to ensure that subscribers avail of pay-TV service as per NTO 2.0 norms with effect from 1st April 2022

Javed Farooqui Nov 11, 2021 1:42 PM


In a letter, the MSO body asked TRAI to put a cap on channel prices for the overall benefit of the consumers as the rise in driver channel prices has defeated the purpose of NTO 2.0 regime

Javed Farooqui Nov 8, 2021 8:56 AM

Paritosh Joshi?blur=25

Guest Column: TRAI had a whole new realm to preside over, LCOs, MSOs, and broadcasters, but a consumer was never a part of this cavalcade, writes Paritosh Joshi, Principal at Provocateur Advisory

Paritosh Joshi Nov 2, 2021 8:42 AM

Nawal Ahuja?blur=25

exchange4media co-founder Nawal Ahuja explains why NTO 2.0 implementation could force users to pay more, defeating TRAI's objective of 'easing consumers' pain'

Nawal Ahuja Oct 25, 2021 9:07 AM


TRAI said it is aware that prices of some of the channels announced by broadcasters are unsustainable as these are not demand driven prices and are against the interest of consumers

exchange4media Staff Oct 22, 2021 8:55 AM

TRAI logo?blur=25

The regulator says it will do so in the larger interest of consumers and the Broadcasting Sector.

exchange4media Staff Oct 21, 2021 9:51 PM


The DPOs say that they will initiate talks with broadcasters on creating new packages to reduce the burden on end consumers as much as possible

Javed Farooqui Oct 21, 2021 8:05 AM


TV customers are already paying higher subscription fees under NTO 1.0 due to the addition of the Network Capacity Fee

Javed Farooqui Oct 19, 2021 8:35 AM


Consumers may eventually have to fork out more money for popular channels; experts think this could push some TV households to shift completely to the OTT side

Javed Farooqui Oct 18, 2021 8:39 AM


The MRP of popular channels has been kept higher than the old cap of Rs 19

Javed Farooqui Oct 18, 2021 8:25 AM


We bring you a roundup of the news that made headlines this past week

exchange4media Staff Oct 16, 2021 8:20 AM

Star India?blur=25

The broadcaster is also planning to launch 16 new channels between December and January

exchange4media Staff Oct 16, 2021 8:15 AM

star RIO?blur=25

The disclosure has been made in the Reference Interconnect Offer (RIO) filed by the broadcaster to comply with New Tariff Order (NTO) 2.0

exchange4media Staff Oct 16, 2021 8:15 AM


The broadcaster has kept the MRP of its GEC and sports channels above the TRAI mandated cap of Rs 12

exchange4media Staff Oct 15, 2021 7:46 AM


Since TRAI has brought down the MRP cap for channels that are part of a bouquet to Rs 12 from Rs 19, broadcasters are considering keeping GECs and sports channels out of bouquets

Javed Farooqui Oct 14, 2021 8:50 AM