According to the Google India MD, by 2020, India will have half a billion connected users. He added that India will soon become the second largest internet market in the world

Twishy 26-February-2014

The two-day Congress will witness industry experts discussing on topics ranging from producing quality content & monetising digital to the power of regional magazines, licensing in a multi-platform world & more

exchange4media Staff 17-February-2014

Content delivery is breaking all barriers. The Head of Google India believes that consumers are ready to pay for content as long as it is entertaining and compelling

Twishy 16-September-2013

The multi-video campaign has been developed specifically keeping YouTube’s audience in mind. ITSA Brand Innovations has created the campaign

exchange4media Staff 04-September-2013

Over one third of travel-related search queries on Google India are now coming from mobile & tablet devices, with queries from smartphones growing at 397 per cent YoY

exchange4media Staff 18-July-2013

Marketers need to think of digital from various aspects such as business, experiences, technology, measurement and volatility, share industry experts

Saloni Surti 15-May-2013

Publishing brands should realise that one content strategy will not work if integration of media is on their agenda for distribution, say experts

Priyanka Nair 18-February-2013

In comparison, growth in interest from consumers for online shopping in India was only 40% in the year 2010 – 2011

exchange4media Staff 29-January-2013

Google partners with leading e-commerce players to bring ‘Cyber Monday’ to India; the initiative to boost the adoption of online shopping

exchange4media Staff 05-December-2012

Myntra’s Annual Brand Meet – ‘Brick and Click of Fashion’ – witnessed participation of decision-makers from over 60 partner brands

exchange4media Staff 27-June-2012

Ten reasons why Rajan Anandan, MD of Google India believes that the Indian digital industry will be led by mobile devices

Rahul Dubey 16-April-2012

In the first week of the tournament, including the opening ceremony, IPL website has recorded 13.7 million views as against 8.8 million views last year

Rahul Dubey 13-April-2012

As per the latest KPMG-FICCI report, digital industry grew at a promising rate of 54 % as against TV (10.8 %), print (8.3 %), radio (15 %) and OOH (7.6 %)

Rahul Dubey 16-March-2012

Punitha Arumugam will soon leave Madison Media to join Google India. D Sriram is expected to come on board Madison as Consulting Director

Noor Fathima Warsia 03-March-2012

Shailesh Rao, MD, Media & Platforms APAC, Google, has resigned from the company. He is likely to head to Twitter as VP-International Business

Rahul Dubey 04-February-2012

The new ad model introduces new ways of video ads on Google Search. Media Ads is an exclusive format designed to put video ads front and center.

Rahul Dubey 27-December-2011

The new ad model introduces new ways of video ads on Google Search. Media Ads is an exclusive format designed to put video ads front and center.

Rahul Dubey 26-December-2011

Building on Lenovo’s ‘For Those Who Do’ global brand campaign, the ‘Do Network’ inspires people to turn their big ideas into reality.

Sai Prasanna 08-December-2011

Rajan Anandan has been appointed as Vice President of India Sales and Operations at Google India. He brings with him 18 years’ experience.

exchange4media Staff 12-January-2011

Google India has beefed up its AdWords platform with the launch of a new call center in Hyderabad for SMEs and initiated a new training programme called ‘Google Engage’. Speaking on the occasion, Sridhar Seshadri, Head, Online Sales, Google India, divulged that the SMEs industry was on a rise in India and for Google, it had delivered 100 per cent y-o-y growth.

Preeti Hoon 18-November-2010