The fall update of the Media Economy Report (Dec 2017) reported that the Advertising revenue will grow +12.1 per cent in the next five years

exchange4media Staff 11-December-2017

Top 3 categories of laundry products occupied almost 97% share of laundry product ad volume. Hindustan Unilever was one of the top advertisers of laundry products in print in 2013

exchange4media Staff 04-June-2014

Tata Motors Ltd was the top advertiser, grabbing one-fourth of the print advertising pie for auto sector. Tata Nano was the leading brand in auto sector

exchange4media Staff 07-January-2012

Pantaloons was the top advertiser, while Big Bazaar was the leading brand to garner maximum share of retail advertising in print during Jan-Sept 2011.

exchange4media Staff 24-December-2011

Kanpur Trading Company and Hindustan Unilever Ltd were the top two advertisers in print for the laundry sector during January-September 2011.

exchange4media Staff 10-December-2011

LIC, SBI and Sundaram Asset Management Ltd were the Top 3 advertisers from banking/ finance/ investment sector during January-September 2011.

exchange4media Staff 03-December-2011

Jewellery, branded jewellery and footwear occupied three-fourth of the pie for print advertising personal accessories during the first three quarters of 2011.

exchange4media Staff 19-November-2011

Print advertising volume for cosmetics sector jumped by 69 per cent during January-September 2011 vis-à-vis the same period a year ago. Fifty per cent of the print advertising communication was done in Delhi and Maharashtra.

exchange4media Staff 05-November-2011

Print advertising during January-September 2011 witnessed a growth of 17 per cent as compared to the same period in 2010. was the most advertised brand in print during this period.

exchange4media Staff 22-October-2011

 Print advertising for the auto sector saw a hike of 22 per cent during the festive season of 2010 vis-à-vis the same period in 2009. Out of the total print advertising for the auto sector during the festive season of 2010, a maximum, that is, 43 per cent, was done in the month of October.

exchange4media Staff 15-October-2011

Print advertising of cellular phones witnessed a drop of 31 per cent in H1 2011 vis-à-vis H1 2010. Top two advertisers – Nokia Corporation and Samsung India contributed to one-fourth of the category print advertising pie.

exchange4media Staff 24-September-2011

The print ad volume of banking, finance & investment sector maintained its status quo; it neither jumped nor dropped during H1 2011 vis-à-vis H1 2010. Four out of top 10 advertisers were asset management companies, which belonged to ‘Mutual Funds’ category.

exchange4media Staff 20-August-2011

Education sector print advertising witnessed a growth of 4 per cent in H1 2011 vis-à-vis H1 2010. The top two categories – educational institutions and coaching/ competitive examination centres contributed to 90 per cent of the sector advertising. IIPM, Career Point and Allen Career institute topped the list of most advertised brands during H1 2011.

exchange4media Staff 13-August-2011

Food & beverage advertising in print witnessed a growth of 7 per cent during H1 2011, compared to same period during 2010. Biscuits and tea were the Top 2 most advertised categories of the sector, with 28 per cent share collectively.

exchange4media Staff 30-July-2011

Services sector was the top sector in print advertising, followed by Education and Banking/ Finance/ Investment sectors during H1 2011. Properties/ Real estate and Hospital/ Clinics categories occupied the first two positions in services sector advertising.

exchange4media Staff 23-July-2011

Print advertising witnessed a 16 per cent growth during the first half of 2011, compared to same period during 2010. Education institutions topped the category list with 9 per cent share, followed by social advertisements with 8 per cent share.

exchange4media Staff 16-July-2011

Social advertising in print witnessed a 38 per cent growth during June-September 2010 as compared to same period in 2009. Top 10 advertisers contributed to 34 per cent of total category advertising in print during this period.

exchange4media Staff 09-July-2011

Print advertising during the monsoon period (June-September 2010) jumped by 28 per cent as against the same period in 2009. Four out of the top 10 advertisers of print advertising during this period were from the auto sector.

exchange4media Staff 18-June-2011

According to the latest AdEx analysis of retail advertising in 2010 in comparison to 2009, retail advertising in print grew by 42 per cent. Independent retailers and display retail shops collectively dominated the category with more than three quarters of the share of print adverts.

exchange4media Staff 11-June-2011

The top 10 advertisers and brands in the non-aerated soft drinks category contributed to 93 per cent and 81 per cent, respectively, where Dabur led both the list. Dabur Real Fruit Juice was the most advertised brand in 2010.

exchange4media Staff 04-June-2011