'PR will pivot to become a more integrated industry in the times to come'

Komal Lath, Founder- Tute Consult, speaks about her thoughts on winning, female leadership, entrepreneurship, inclusivity, future goals and more

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Updated: Sep 17, 2020 8:33 AM
Komal Lath

Komal Lath, Founder- Tute Consult, was the recipient of the title of “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year” at the e4m PR and Corporate Communications Women Achievers Awards 2020. Lath has been in the communications industry for the last 17 years, specialising in integrating brand communication, strategic counsel, public relations and imagery.

Her communication repertoire comprises driving large-scale influencer and consumer campaigns, public relations, corporate and brand communications. In today’s feature, we speak to Lath about her big win, thoughts on female leadership, entrepreneurship, inclusivity, future goals and more.

Edited Excerpts:-

How do you feel being the winner of the Women Achievers initiative?

From getting stories of people out there to being the story, it, of course, feels great to be recognized among your peers and industry at large. It is also very commendable that e4m recognises this segment of the industry, which works very hard but always is in the background. Being a women achiever, it feels good to be a role model and work harder to create newer milestones.

What are the attributes required to be a leader in the communication industry?

Not just communication, but any leadership role is an amalgamation of personal and professional attributes. I would peg ambition, ability to learn every day, clarity in thought and action, and a calm mind to be the key traits. Discipline, having a hobby and people skills are the peripherals, which are a must.

What role have women played in restructuring the industry and how has the communications industry changed over the years for the women workforce?

Women at large are great communicators and blessed innately with higher EQ. This quality along with grit and ambition has created a strong voice within the communications industry globally. Over the years, while we do attempt to break the glass ceiling, there are miles to go before we reach optimum levels of inclusiveness and representation.

Women have played a strong role in shaping the communications space over the years, especially in India. Moreover, inclusive laws, maternity benefits, wellness and mental health leaves are being widely discussed and spoken of. We at Tute have created adequate spaces for all to voice their opinions freely or make suggestions to our customers without fearing the outcome and being able to express themselves with thought and action are some of the many steps that we take.

Why do we need to have more leaders at the helm of organizations in today's scenario and what value women bring to the table?

Without a leader in any organization, you will be an aimless ship treading calm and choppy waters. With a strong and visionary leader, you will navigate this ship across waters to reach ports, create value and enjoy the journey. Women do this job effortlessly, can juggle several roles, bring empathy to the table and create challenges within teams that get the best out of people. Women also bring a nurturing and endearing quality that breaks down barriers which is essential in any people’s business, especially ours.

What are your future goals? What initiative would you like to take as a responsible woman leader for the industry or society?

Personal – Devote more time to academics and volunteering activities (like CII Yi). Be a part of United Nations Climate initiatives someday.

Professional – Scale new heights for women and communications as an industry, motivate and mentor more people. Be the agency and workforce which every brand and service wants to hire. Global Domination is the ultimate goal.

How do you see the PR and the corp comm industry shaping up in the years to come and what is your message to the future women leaders?

PR will pivot to become a more integrated industry, encompassing marketing, communication and other related roles. I would definitely want to see the PR space being an equally important segment in the media mix and not a by-the-way need. It also needs to have more respect, representation and ticket size vis-a-vis other marketing verticals to be able to attract ivy league talent and investments.

My message for future leaders is: "Be the change and not wait for change!"

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