Kommune Brand Communications & techARC unveil 1st edition of ‘TechKomms’ report

TechKomms is a report on the Public Relations and Communication Trends for the Information and Communication Technology sector

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Updated: Sep 12, 2019 4:58 PM
Kommune and techARC

Experiential Communication, redefining social media engagement, the emergence of Research-Online-Purchase-Anywhere (ROPA) from Research-Online-Purchase-Offline (ROPO), multi-domain Public Relations across sectors, increasing importance of data-driven and trending keywords in Public Relations as well as the rise of B2B2C communication, Guerrilla PR and micro-influencers.

These are some of the trends highlighted in the 1st edition of TechKomms - a Report on Public Relations and Communication Trends for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector unveiled by Kommune Brand Communications offering 360-degree brand communication services along with its research and insights partner techARC. The report provides insights on Public Relations (PR) and Communication trends in the ICT sector during 1H (Jan-June 2019) and provides recommendations for the most effective manner to communicate in the future.

According to TechKomms, technology is transformative in nature; however, PR can bring about the change in the behaviour of stakeholders. The report states that while a brand should develop a universal image, it must also integrate with local markets, in sync with the GLOCAL philosophy. Globally, there is a thought being nurtured to repurpose social media beyond a channel of communication to a medium of user-generated case studies. A predominant number of emerging technologies are going to be consumed in a B2B2C form with two levels of communication- one for the enterprise consumer and another for the end-user. The trend in both enterprise and consumer tech domains is rapidly moving from Research-Online-Purchase-Offline (ROPO) to Research-Online-Purchase-Anywhere (ROPA) making it important for companies in tech domain to have content in text, graphics and video formats directly or through partners for both enterprise and individual customers.

Digital media is playing a critical role in making Experiential PR effective in technology communications. It talks about the need to not communicate technology functional comparisons but rather talk about the ease in use offered by the product or service which helps in improving the experiential journey. Micro-influencers are playing a critical role in this aspect by enabling last-mile-connect with consumers. They wield more influence than celebrity brand ambassadors and are increasingly adopting a multi-medium strategy in several formats and languages. However, the challenge remains to remove subjectivity in their analysis.

According to Ruby Sinha, Managing Director, Kommune Brand Communications, “As technology advances, the requirements from Public Relations and communications professionals in this domain are undergoing a lot of transformation. A communication professional in the digital age is expected to manage communications with all stakeholders and even with the end consumer in many cases. It is our endeavor through the TechKomms report to present the developments in the ICT industry for communication professionals in an interesting and insightful manner in order to help us build better brands and evolve as stronger communication leaders. Young professionals can take cues from this report and chart out their future journeys.”

“From traditional to digital, the communication industry has certainly come a long way and there is a lot to imbibe as far as brand marketing is concerned. We hope to continue bringing new trends to our readers through TechKomms,” said Faisal Kawoosa, Founder and Chief Analyst, techARC.

The report also highlights the changing role of PR in the ICT sector as a brand-building tool overlapping greatly with the marketing function. Explaining technology without jargon as well as associating with trending technology keywords is required for impactful outreach programmes. Guerrilla PR can be seen in the technology domain where brands are surprising consumers by getting associated with platforms and forums, where they could not be otherwise thought of. Some brands blend “Social PR” along to increase the impact and position themselves as a responsible corporate citizen. With technology having its usage across multiple sectors, PR partners are required to acquire multi-disciplinary expertise and domain networking to showcase how technology can transform a particular sector. With youth becoming the central figure in the technology era, either as decision-makers or influencers, creating immersive content is essential. The day is not far when some forward-looking PR firms would have their immersive studios where other than videos, clients could have AR/VR based content to engage with potential audiences.

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