e4m Women Achievers Summit 2020: 'Multitasking skills make women more apt for PR'

Experts at the virtual summit shared insights on the perfect 'marriage' of women and PR, tackled stereotypes about female leadership and spoke of PR's growing importance in the marketing mix

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Published: Jul 30, 2020 8:37 AM  | 4 min read
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The virtual e4m Women Achievers Summit 2020 featured power-packed sessions that touched upon key areas in the PR and Communication ecosystem. The women panelists discussed new narratives, discourse, and precedence happening in the PR industry and how communication will define the future. The summit was presented by Adfactors PR, powered by Media Mantra and Fuzion PR was the gold partner. 

The second-panel session of the e4m Women Achievers Summit 2020 put the spotlight on the topic ‘Women and Public Relations: The Perfect Marriage’. The speakers on the panel were Gauri Kohli, Partner & Luxury Director, PR Pundit; Stuti Jalan, Founder & Managing Director, Crosshairs Communication; Anuja Choudhary, Founder Director, WIZSPK Communication, PR; Neha Mehrotra, EVP, Avian WE; and Lavang Khare,  Senior Vice President, Adfactor. The moderator for the panel was Tasmayee Roy, Assistant Editor, exchange4media. 

Starting off the virtual panel conversation talking about how women have attained success in this profession of PR, Kohli remarked, “Women have so many unique skill sets. We are good listeners and we can multitask like no one else. We can collaborate a lot and work very well with teams. We are pro-social and I think that comes naturally to us. We are also curious so that is a skillset and it creates a PR winner. These elements make women the perfect role for PR.” 

Khare added, “The power to think differently makes us stand out. Women are hyper taskers and in the last 4 months where COVID has shown us resilience, which is the key trait of any women across the world is what has made us be where we are today.” 

Talking about the essential qualities required for the PR industry Mehrotra said that the PR profession requires a lot of finesse. "Sometimes we need to join the dots, a conviction to make things happen. Multitasking is what makes women more desirable and apt for PR," she said. 

The talks veered towards the ubiquitous issue of breaking the glass ceiling. Khare said, "There's so much more to women in business and what we do. We can crack the glass ceiling and the determination and will power is what makes it successful for us.” 

She cited examples of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern while speaking about women leaders around the globe and the lessons women can learn from them. "What's behind those women is what makes them so strong. TV coverage isn't just everything but there's a lot more in the backend," she added. 

Setting things right about some of the stereotypes about the PR Industry, Mehrotra remarked, “The image of PR is meeting high profile people and attending fancy events. But it’s so much more than that. Kudos to women who make it look so effortless and poised.” 

Kholi emphasized on another misconception that marketers sometimes tend to devalue PR for staying in the marketing mix. 

Mehrotra went on to share how PR is getting more included in the marketing mix stating, "The role of PR is getting more important in the marketing budgets. Lots of companies need to increase their PR budgets. One of the big issues the PR Industry has is demonstrating the propositions. We've been able to show direct benefits of PR to some large scale organizations. In today's time when the customer is extremely choosy, the way a brand communicates says a lot, and no one can do it better than PR experts.” 

Jalan speaking on the potency of the digital medium said, “Digital has taken a momentum, it's a field which is evolving. We have to keep pace with it and keep increasing our knowledge base. So we have to be very good researchers and we have to be very creative.” 

Signing off Mehrotra concluded saying, “What the client expects from you and what we deliver is like the chicken and egg situation. It's about working on deliverables with having a mind of your own for things which will make sense for the brand.”

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